Spokane Trip

We went on a day trip to Spokane to see Paul’s sister Carrie off as she was leaving for Ohio. We went up a little early so we could hang out at the park and have some fun. We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather! Sam was very insistent about walking the majority of the time.



This was the face he made every time we made him go in the stroller.



Yes. He has a pink stroller. It was on sale. It is awesome! (It’s a Baby Jogger.)






Sam loves to pretend to talk on cell phones. It’s a great trick to get him to wait for our food to come.

On the drive up we got to see the new windmill things pretty up close! They’re ginormous.


On the way home we followed the GPS…it lead us a different way than we normally would have gone, because we didnt know how to get out of the neighborhood we were in..well, it ended up taking us back roads for half the way and it wasΒ terrifying. Dirt and gravel roads in the middle of Idaho in the winter at 10pm, not seeing another car for 30 minutes, we were both worried because we had no idea where we were, then suddenly after an hour of backroads we finally got onto the ‘real’ highway and were still over an hour from home! It was a good thing Sam was so tuckered out from a long day of playing and walking so he slept the ENTIRE time. I had a stomach ache by the time we got home because I was so worried we’d end up in a ditch somewhere with no cell reception and we’d only had our new van for a few weeks and weren’t super familiar with it yet, but hallelujah we made it home in one piece and still alive! And now we know not to follow the GPS trying to get out of Spokane Valley…




One thought on “Spokane Trip

  1. HAHAHA! I followed my GPS to Spokane FROM Moscow last fall, and the same thing happened… Luckily, it was the middle of the day, and the weather was lovely, so I made a lot of pitstops at playgrounds and let the kids run around.

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