We had a great Easter- we were able to spend it with my aunt and uncle and my cousin and his family.

Sam even got to wear his very first suit!




The pants were pretty big on him, so his shirt wouldn’t stay tucked in, but I still think he was the most dashing little man at church! I even got up the gumption to curl my own hair!


We also had crazy-nice weather, extremely sunny and warm, which for end of March in Moscow could mean snow, could mean sunburn- you just never know! We lucked out big time! I worked Saturday, so I had to miss Sam’s first Easter Egg hunt, apparently he wasn’t really into it, he didn’t quite get the point, which at his age is pretty understandable. But he does love opening the plastic eggs! He got two Easter baskets (One from Paul’s mom and one from Paul’s Dad and stepmom) and so he’s been getting lots of treats. The kid goes nuts for chocolate! (Hmmm wonder who he got that from… ceeertainly not the Kvale side!!!)

But today Sam and I are home sick. We’re both getting over an upperย respiratory thing which has us both coughing lots. He’s on hour #3 of napping and I just got the house in order- which is hard if you have to stop to cough every 30 seconds! So I think I’ll drink some tea, knit and watch some Netflix instead.




One thought on “Easter

  1. What a handsome little man! We had that respiratory thing too – not cool! Hope you feel better soon and get some good knitting in.

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