A Tour of Mugs

Joining Erika in her mug-shots Friday, although I am a day late.

Although, a warning, we have alot of mugs. We drink coffee every morning and tea every evening, so 1/2 the dishes that Paul washes every day (yep, he does all the dishes!)

One of my sister-in-laws got us the mug above and below, the blond girl and brunette boy, they’re pretty cute.

I got this mug in London, I am surprised that it got back in one piece!

This mug I got at the Space Needle while walking around Seattle with Sarah Halverson, I believe in 2007. I promptly dropped it and cracked it. I tried gluing it, but it still leaks. But I like it so much that I haven’t gotten rid of it.

I got this mug from my last job, after I had worked there for a year (2007). It was kind of funny, this was for Employee Appreciation week.

Charissa and Autumn got me these (a set of two) for Paul and I. (We’re actually drinking coffee out of them as we speak. Or as I blog, I guess)

I loove these stackable mugs from World Market. Paul’s sister got them for us for our wedding and they’re just so cute that I keep them on my counter all the time. (Plus I have no cabinet space for them…)

So that was the Tour of Tong Mugs. Hope you enjoyed it!


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