Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere…

Currently making sock monkey costumes for Halloween. That’s probably all I’ll be knitting for the next six to eight weeks, so there probably won’t be a whole lot of knitting variety on the blog this month. But maybe some fun stuff of Sam instead. He will be ONE YEAR OLD in a matter of weeks. This is astounding to me.

Here you can see Sam learning how to walk. It’s great fun and he is really entertained by trying to walk around the house all day. Keeps us busy and we have a lot of laughs.

Sam also really likes it when we sing, (Well, he really likes it when Paul sings to him, at least) and is learning how to dance.

Along the same lines, Paul and I have started up a little band project. We’re called The Apple Brigade and you can like us on Facebook so you can find out when our shows are. Weย tentativelyย have one planned for near the end of September.

Our Week Off

So, during this lovely vacation week we’ve been having I realized that I forgot my camera cord, and I had planned on blogging some stuff while we were here, that is clearly not possible, because I do not blog without pictures. That being said, here is an attempt at a pictureless blog entry. Not many of those around here, and I probably won’t get in the habit of it, because, obviously I am not a very good blogger and you all just come here to look at pictures of what I’ve made. Moving on.

We had an awesome stay with the Gibb’s in Port Orchard, and we all felt very decadent and luxurious drinking mojito’s on the estate lawn while playing Bocce Ball. Let me tell you, Gibbs vs Tongs, it was the best bocce ball game I’ve ever taken part in. The Gibbs squeaked out a victory after a very close match, and ended the game at an extremely close score of 21-20. That game, coupled with a few very good thrift store trips made the 2 1/2 days we spent with them very enjoyable, and of course, there will be pictures to follow.

Oooh, and we got to go to Ikea this week. Oh my. I do miss Ikea. We got a new down comforter and two duvet covers. I am so excited about these, and Autumn got a few essentials for her new little home in Lakewood. (She also got a new duvet and comforter!) I am all kinds of jealous about her cute little cabin near American Lake! But the craziest thing happened in Ikea, we ran into James and Alberta and their three little ones! How funny is it to run into a friend from Idaho in the Seattle Ikea?

Also, there’s been much wedding to-do. Rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, finishing up my bridesmaid dress (My mother is doing that, not me, so you can all breath a collective sigh of relief knowing that I am not in charge of sewing something), today is a picnic at Pt Defiance park, and I get to baby sit my nephew, Ezra, pick up Paul’s suit for the wedding, frost 600 cupcakes (I am not in charge of that, thank goodness.), making mix CD’s for dancing at the reception, and lots of reading Anne of Green Gables to the bride, and making sure everyone stays calm and happy.

So, that was my attempt at blogging without pictures, sorry about the lack of them, but someday when I am a smart girl I will remember to do things like pack the camera cord.

P.S. The giveaway is like 3/4ths done. I also forgot an essential thing to finish the give-away so SADLY it will not be published this week, but possibly early next week. Sorry, errybuddy!

Crazy Awesome Weekend.

So this weekend we had my friends Charissa and Autumn, as well as my brother Aaron and his girlfriend Cynthia out to visit, because we were having a show. We had a lot of fun, and it was a very, very busy weekend. We planned a pre-show BBQ, because we were having our concert in a barn, so it seemed appropriate. But we got the grill out there and it was out of propane. Oops. So we had people run back into town, but even so, the burgers took forever to cook and we ended up starting the show about an hour late, but once it got going we had an awesome time.

There was plenty of time to socialize while waiting for the burgers to cook.

And Paul’s mother, Diane, was nice enough to be one of our opening acts. She is absolutely an incredible musician! (No wonder Paul is so musically gifted, because his dad can rock out, too!)

We played in this amazing barn out in the rolling hills of the Palouse. It was gorgeous out there, although it did get a little chilly.

Pretty cool, huh?ย  And yes, Paul was playing accordion on that song!

Check out our myspace page to hear some of the music.

P.S. A big shout-out to Isaiah Eyre for all of the amazing photography!

Album Release Party

We’re having our CD release MAY 8TH here in Moscow, so you locals should come, you out-of-towners, you should come, too! Let me know if you want details for location! (The Hill’s farm!)

I found some Belgian Chocolate.

I found it in one of my drawers the other day, and this week called for chocolate. I got it in Belgium, so it’s a bit old, but it still tasted good. I just wish that Charissa, Autumn and Harmony were here to enjoy it with me.

Yep, it’s chocolate with hazelnoots in it. I love hazelnoots.

It was enjoyed while drinking a tall glass of milk and working on P’s sweater vest. Wanna see? Ok.

So, ok, you can’t see any shape to it, but that’s because it’s on needles that are too short. I need to buy a new set of circular needles that are a bit longer (but hey, I’ve knitted two adult sweaters on them and it worked ok) but it’s just hard for sizing as you go… I am loving this yarn though, it’s perfectly soft, but nice and sturdy (and kind of thick, so it knits up pretty quickly)

And, another happy bit:

My basil was having rough times not getting enough sunlight, so I hung it in the window so he could get a little sun and keep growing. We are getting a bit of sun around here, and it’s be oh-so-nice.

Also did a bit of guitar work this afternoon.
Isn’t she a beaut? Still working on building up my callouses.

And also trying to work on being able to sing and play at the same time… it gets kind of hard and I’m not very good at multi-tasking, apparently.

Happy Weekend, Everyone.

Bah Humbug

Just put a good movie in, put the tea on, cuddled up with a warm blanket, started on some Christmas presents of the knit variety. (Super excited about these, oh yes), and settled down for an evening at home alone.

The rain has made it’s way to Idaho, and boy did it decide to pour down today. But I got to use my cute umbrella, so it wasn’t really all that bad. Work has been a bit… stressful. We’re having some ’employee issues’, as in, holding on to the currently employed employees. So, we’re back to square one. Or negative one, not really sure which.

Oh, in case any of you wanted to see, here is a picture of the show last weekend!

concerto 107

It was so much fun, and a little nerve wracking! There are some video’s but I don’t really know how to upload that, so as soon as I do, I might try to put some up.