Ruffled Headbands

I made ruffled headbands for all of the bridesmaids.

Here we are at the Bachelorette party, all wearing our headbands in our corresponding bridesmaid colors.


Our Week Off

So, during this lovely vacation week we’ve been having I realized that I forgot my camera cord, and I had planned on blogging some stuff while we were here, that is clearly not possible, because I do not blog without pictures. That being said, here is an attempt at a pictureless blog entry. Not many of those around here, and I probably won’t get in the habit of it, because, obviously I am not a very good blogger and you all just come here to look at pictures of what I’ve made. Moving on.

We had an awesome stay with the Gibb’s in Port Orchard, and we all felt very decadent and luxurious drinking mojito’s on the estate lawn while playing Bocce Ball. Let me tell you, Gibbs vs Tongs, it was the best bocce ball game I’ve ever taken part in. The Gibbs squeaked out a victory after a very close match, and ended the game at an extremely close score of 21-20. That game, coupled with a few very good thrift store trips made the 2 1/2 days we spent with them very enjoyable, and of course, there will be pictures to follow.

Oooh, and we got to go to Ikea this week. Oh my. I do miss Ikea. We got a new down comforter and two duvet covers. I am so excited about these, and Autumn got a few essentials for her new little home in Lakewood. (She also got a new duvet and comforter!) I am all kinds of jealous about her cute little cabin near American Lake! But the craziest thing happened in Ikea, we ran into James and Alberta and their three little ones! How funny is it to run into a friend from Idaho in the Seattle Ikea?

Also, there’s been much wedding to-do. Rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, finishing up my bridesmaid dress (My mother is doing that, not me, so you can all breath a collective sigh of relief knowing that I am not in charge of sewing something), today is a picnic at Pt Defiance park, and I get to baby sit my nephew, Ezra, pick up Paul’s suit for the wedding, frost 600 cupcakes (I am not in charge of that, thank goodness.), making mix CD’s for dancing at the reception, and lots of reading Anne of Green Gables to the bride, and making sure everyone stays calm and happy.

So, that was my attempt at blogging without pictures, sorry about the lack of them, but someday when I am a smart girl I will remember to do things like pack the camera cord.

P.S. The giveaway is like 3/4ths done. I also forgot an essential thing to finish the give-away so SADLY it will not be published this week, but possibly early next week. Sorry, errybuddy!


It’s so very nice to have a place to keep my sewing machine all the time. In the old apartment I had to haul it out to the kitchen table, and kitchens and fabric isn’t a great combo while trying to keep the fabric clean. I spent a little time sewing this afternoon.

I enjoy having a craft room very, very much.

This was the first time I had worked on my quilt in a few months. I think since about February, maybe! Eek.

But now that I’ve got a permanent home for my sewing machine hopefully I’ll finish it one of these days…

A DIY and a Giveaway

So, a combined post- a DIY and a Giveaway. First, I will show my DIY. Ruffly Headband!

You will need:
Aprox 1/8th yard of lightweight fabric
A Ribbon
Needle and thread

Cut 10 of the fabric into squares roughly 3 inches across and 10 into roughly 4 inches across. Sizes don’t really matter, really, the rough edges add to it’s charm.

Then fold those squares into quarters:

Trim them round, don’t be afraid to cut off quite a bit of fabric, you don’t want the ruffles too big.

Once you’ve cut them all into rounded quarters they should look something like this:

Then take one of the squares, pinch it up like so:

Then take one of your other squares, and pinch it around the outside of that one:

Then starting somewhere around the center of the ribbon sew it laying flat:

There are about 10 ‘flowers’ on my headband, sew them sort of pointing alternative directions, to give it lot of fullness.

Sew them all on, and tada, a ruffly headband!

So, as the Giveaway, I am giving away the Ruffly Headband shown here.

Two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me how much you want this cute headband
2. Link it onto your blog you gain yourself another entry BUT make sure to leave A SEPARATE comment telling me you’ve done so, to make sure that you get an extra entry!

The winner will be drawn Wednesday, March 17th, 6:00 pm.

Good luck!

The Bedroom.

I have long been debating about what to do for decoration in our bedroom, the walls are big and bare and kind of look stupid if you put anything on them because it makes everything (picture frames, etc) look really small and weird.

October 007

But, with the help of Charissa and Autumn I found some fun fabric,

October 008

Hemmed it, and hung it on a tiny curtain rod. Voila. Art?

October 011

So now I notice that the bottom is a little crooked. That silky fabric was extrememly hard to sew on…

October 012


So I am going try my hand at quilting. I tried to make a quilt once in junior high and just got as far as stitching all of the top together, let’s just say that cutting straight lines isn’t my strong point. Or following patterns for that matter. Yeah, well, we all know I am not a perfectionista. Anyhow.. that’s beside the point! The point is that I found a bunch of fabric at a Rummage Sale 2 weeks ago and grabbed it (It was an “all-you-can-stuff-into-this-bag” donation type sale, so I figured even if I didn’t use it for a while, no big deal. I then suplimented it with a little bit that I had stashed away, and 2 old sheets from the Salvation Army that had cute little flowers on them.

quilty veg 006

Look, mom! Straight lines! I took special care to make them the same size (roughly…eh hem, I don’t have the best scissors.)
quilty veg 007

So now I just have to find a place that I can put my sewing machine. Woe is me, my apartment has no more space left in it. And husband needs both of the desks for school and work. Hmph. Oh well. I’ll figure out something.

Other than that, Paul and I took a trip out to our friend Alberta’s farm and came back with some deliiiiiicious veggies, which we have been eating every night for dinner (Our favorite thing so far: Frying zucchini in olive oil until browned, then right before taking off the heat adding a dash of garlic salt! Super yum)

quilty veg 001

quilty veg 003

quilty veg 002

And I am SO glad that we stocked up on blueberries for the fall. We’ve REALLY been enjoying our blueberries.

quilty veg 005

Does anyone have any idea for the proper care of Cactus Plants? I haven’t been able to find much online, and I am afraid that our little buddy is dying. We’ve been trying not to overwater him, but I am afraid of underwater!

quilty veg 010

Well, that’s all I got for this lovely (hot, again) Friday here in good ol’ Idaho. Tomorrow we hit up the Farmer’s Market, The Fall Jolly (think Rummage Sale/Craft Fair/Food Vendors all in one spot!) a football game with good friends, and it’ll be a great weekend.

The Sweater Blanket – Part Tres

So maybe you’re actually really sick of looking at this brightly colored blanket, but here it is in FINISHED form. Sheesh, took me long enough to get the pictures up, but it’s actually been done for a bit.

Toasty warm with some piggies

Eh, pay no attention to the dirty floor background.

Hooray, one more project done!!

The Sweater Blanket – Part Duex

Sewn into strips:

The ugly backside which kind of looks a little cool:

And the top:

I actually already have the middle blanket and the bottom blanket attached, but I am not by my camera right now, so you’ll just have to wait to see the finished product, but it’s so very warm and cozy and stretchy and snuggly.  And Derek, it’s not scratchy! They’re all nice comfy fabrics, not itchy wool.

Thrifty revamped

So I know that sometimes people think that I go a bit overboard with my thirft store finds, but I swear this will be cool.

So I went to Bargain World and found an assortment of used sweaters, all of the cashmere type variety. (I say cashmere type because they’re not really nice sweaters, but just the comfy, soft fabrics) So I bought a bunch of old sweaters in lots of colors and they were all 50% off the already ridiculously low prices, so I bought lots of them.

Here they are in their original state:

I just spent all morning cutting them up (and my knuckles are bruised from the scissors I was using) and now I have this:

what didn’t make the cut:

And the good pieces:

Piecing it together:

Now the sewing begins!

I promise I’ve been busy

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on for this ‘craft sale’ that is this weekend. I’m not actually thinking I’ll sell anything, but it’s worth a shot and it will be fun hanging out with the girls for a Saturday. I haven’t done really much knitting or anything like that (time constraints, you know) because it’s slow and sewing is just a lot faster, but not nearly as much fun. So this week I’ve really been stretching those sewing muscles of mine, well, actually I’ve just been finding out that I HAVE no sewing muscles, or skills. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

The first of the purses.

A few of the finished purses.

The first demented apron, I didn’t have a pattern or anything and just sort of went to town… I know… I know…

Second apron, turned out better, has cute buttons and I love the cheery yellow fabric. It’s a little less stiff of a fabric which is kind of annoying, but it’s very ‘worn in’ feeling. I can’t make up my mind about it yet.

The yellow apron on- no, the pocket isn’t crooked, it’s me. I’m crooked.

Another apron, I like this one ok. I mostly just like the floral pink fabric… it used to be a shirt that I wore maybe once, and it just wasn’t the best on me. So, now it’s an apron! The pocket is a little low on it, but I figure not everyone is as short as me, so it won’t REALLY matter… or something.

A close up of the fabrics I used

But I still have a lot left to make stuff out of! But only two more days to go, so we’ll see if anything more gets completed, but I want to try to make some more purses (quick and easy!!)