So I am going try my hand at quilting. I tried to make a quilt once in junior high and just got as far as stitching all of the top together, let’s just say that cutting straight lines isn’t my strong point. Or following patterns for that matter. Yeah, well, we all know I am not a perfectionista. Anyhow.. that’s beside the point! The point is that I found a bunch of fabric at a Rummage Sale 2 weeks ago and grabbed it (It was an “all-you-can-stuff-into-this-bag” donation type sale, so I figured even if I didn’t use it for a while, no big deal. I then suplimented it with a little bit that I had stashed away, and 2 old sheets from the Salvation Army that had cute little flowers on them.

quilty veg 006

Look, mom! Straight lines! I took special care to make them the same size (roughly…eh hem, I don’t have the best scissors.)
quilty veg 007

So now I just have to find a place that I can put my sewing machine. Woe is me, my apartment has no more space left in it. And husband needs both of the desks for school and work. Hmph. Oh well. I’ll figure out something.

Other than that, Paul and I took a trip out to our friend Alberta’s farm and came back with some deliiiiiicious veggies, which we have been eating every night for dinner (Our favorite thing so far: Frying zucchini in olive oil until browned, then right before taking off the heat adding a dash of garlic salt! Super yum)

quilty veg 001

quilty veg 003

quilty veg 002

And I am SO glad that we stocked up on blueberries for the fall. We’ve REALLY been enjoying our blueberries.

quilty veg 005

Does anyone have any idea for the proper care of Cactus Plants? I haven’t been able to find much online, and I am afraid that our little buddy is dying. We’ve been trying not to overwater him, but I am afraid of underwater!

quilty veg 010

Well, that’s all I got for this lovely (hot, again) Friday here in good ol’ Idaho. Tomorrow we hit up the Farmer’s Market, The Fall Jolly (think Rummage Sale/Craft Fair/Food Vendors all in one spot!) a football game with good friends, and it’ll be a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Quilt…ish

  1. I’m no cactus expert, but it looks like you have your plant in a bowl. You may want to try moving it to a container with holes in it. I’ve found most plants prefer to have a way to drain. That’s all I’ve got :).

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