The Bedroom.

I have long been debating about what to do for decoration in our bedroom, the walls are big and bare and kind of look stupid if you put anything on them because it makes everything (picture frames, etc) look really small and weird.

October 007

But, with the help of Charissa and Autumn I found some fun fabric,

October 008

Hemmed it, and hung it on a tiny curtain rod. Voila. Art?

October 011

So now I notice that the bottom is a little crooked. That silky fabric was extrememly hard to sew on…

October 012


5 thoughts on “The Bedroom.

  1. Yay, yay, yay!

    I love it.

    It looked like difficult to sew on fabric. It’d be easy to re-hem though. Oh, it makes a big difference. Fun. What does Paul think of it?

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