Failed Blogger

I could go on an on about how terrible of a blogger I am, but I won’t, because you’ve heard it all before from me.

Been working on a few little things here and there. Mailing out a little present to my nephew, I’ll post a picture once they get it in the mail, don’t want to ruin the suprise. Most of my energy has been being used in a better way lately than blogging. Getting healthy! We’ve had a sick household for the past week and a half and we are just now getting to being more than just bumps on the couch. But since we’ve had so much time to chill, we’ve caught up on our favorite TV shows and movies, and actually gotten to spend alot of time just hanging out with each other.

We have a concert this weekend, so thank goodness we’re finally feeling better! The Anymore will be performing live at the NuArt Theatre here in Moscow, 7:00pm Saturday! Yep, my husband was nice enough to let me into his band, first as a backup singer, but now I’ve got 3 or 4 songs I’m actually singin’ solo! So, it should be pretty fun! We did a small show last weekend in Pullman, but apart from that I haven’t really performed in front of anyone since college, so I’m a little nervous. Luckily, Autumn and her sisters are coming all the way out here to wish me luck and cheer me on.

I’ll try to be a better blogger, I swears it.


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