I promise I’ve been busy

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on for this ‘craft sale’ that is this weekend. I’m not actually thinking I’ll sell anything, but it’s worth a shot and it will be fun hanging out with the girls for a Saturday. I haven’t done really much knitting or anything like that (time constraints, you know) because it’s slow and sewing is just a lot faster, but not nearly as much fun. So this week I’ve really been stretching those sewing muscles of mine, well, actually I’ve just been finding out that I HAVE no sewing muscles, or skills. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

The first of the purses.

A few of the finished purses.

The first demented apron, I didn’t have a pattern or anything and just sort of went to town… I know… I know…

Second apron, turned out better, has cute buttons and I love the cheery yellow fabric. It’s a little less stiff of a fabric which is kind of annoying, but it’s very ‘worn in’ feeling. I can’t make up my mind about it yet.

The yellow apron on- no, the pocket isn’t crooked, it’s me. I’m crooked.

Another apron, I like this one ok. I mostly just like the floral pink fabric… it used to be a shirt that I wore maybe once, and it just wasn’t the best on me. So, now it’s an apron! The pocket is a little low on it, but I figure not everyone is as short as me, so it won’t REALLY matter… or something.

A close up of the fabrics I used

But I still have a lot left to make stuff out of! But only two more days to go, so we’ll see if anything more gets completed, but I want to try to make some more purses (quick and easy!!)


One thought on “I promise I’ve been busy

  1. the little tissue covers are really fast and easy! I made 8 in less than an hour. They were my top seller last year at a bazare I did!

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