It’s so very nice to have a place to keep my sewing machine all the time. In the old apartment I had to haul it out to the kitchen table, and kitchens and fabric isn’t a great combo while trying to keep the fabric clean. I spent a little time sewing this afternoon.

I enjoy having a craft room very, very much.

This was the first time I had worked on my quilt in a few months. I think since about February, maybe! Eek.

But now that I’ve got a permanent home for my sewing machine hopefully I’ll finish it one of these days…


One thought on “Sewing

  1. I am so jealous!! It is so hard to do crafts in a tiny space when you have to pack everything up when you are done. My kitchen table is just not big enough for my scrapbooking and our dinners!! I am so glad for you. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!

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