Summer dinners

It’s always hard for me to think of things to make for dinner in the summer. In the winter and fall it’s much easier, soups, roasts, pot pies, hot pasta dishes, etc. But in the summer I usually don’t want something very heavy, or warm for that matter. Enter: pasta salad.

We just threw in what we had on hand, which today happened to be olives, cucumbers, ham, onions and tomato, topped with a squirt of Italian salad dressing- but now I am imagining all sorts of combination that I could make…

And it was delish! And perfect for a hot Idaho evening, when you’re not in the mood to slave over a hot stove.

P.S. I am on the last legs of this cable-knit brown sweater, 1/2 way done with the hood, then just the seaming is left! Can’t wait for it’s grand debut. I think this one might go in the “keeping-for-my-future-children” box…. or maybe I’ll just have to make another. I really, really, really like this pattern. Lots.


2 thoughts on “Summer dinners

  1. Thank you for the reminder that I need to find a delish pasta salad recipe to get me through the summer! I’ve never made one before, but my mom makes tons of great ones!

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