Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere…

Currently making sock monkey costumes for Halloween. That’s probably all I’ll be knitting for the next six to eight weeks, so there probably won’t be a whole lot of knitting variety on the blog this month. But maybe some fun stuff of Sam instead. He will be ONE YEAR OLD in a matter of weeks. This is astounding to me.

Here you can see Sam learning how to walk. It’s great fun and he is really entertained by trying to walk around the house all day. Keeps us busy and we have a lot of laughs.

Sam also really likes it when we sing, (Well, he really likes it when Paul sings to him, at least) and is learning how to dance.

Along the same lines, Paul and I have started up a little band project. We’re called The Apple Brigade and you can like us on Facebook so you can find out when our shows are. We tentatively have one planned for near the end of September.


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