Bah Humbug

Just put a good movie in, put the tea on, cuddled up with a warm blanket, started on some Christmas presents of the knit variety. (Super excited about these, oh yes), and settled down for an evening at home alone.

The rain has made it’s way to Idaho, and boy did it decide to pour down today. But I got to use my cute umbrella, so it wasn’t really all that bad. Work has been a bit… stressful. We’re having some ’employee issues’, as in, holding on to the currently employed employees. So, we’re back to square one. Or negative one, not really sure which.

Oh, in case any of you wanted to see, here is a picture of the show last weekend!

concerto 107

It was so much fun, and a little nerve wracking! There are some video’s but I don’t really know how to upload that, so as soon as I do, I might try to put some up.


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