It’s snowing!

Well, not outside, but it is in my house! Remember those snowflakes I was making last week? Well, I made a few more and decided to do something with them. You can look up crocheted snowflake patterns online, but I thought it might be more fun to just make one up. They were a little too… soft? looking, in my opinion.

Eh, who likes soggy snowflakes?

So I went to the store and picked up some Heavy Duty Laundry Starch and pinned them just so, and really laid it on thick.

Seriously, I doused these suckers with starch. And they are the better for it. Trust me.

A view from the living room into the kitchen

From the kitchen into the living room (don’t mind the pine needles on the carpet, or the pillows/blankets stacked high in the chair… it’s COLD here, we need those blankets it we stop moving!)

I don’t really have any decorations in any other rooms but the living room, so it kind of makes it feel like more of the house is decorated this way.

And by the way, the Shalom Sweater is coming along very nicely.

The hard part is done, now it’s just knitting straight rows and purling straight rows. I am glad that the triple yoke is done.

Tomorrow is our six month anniversary and I can’t even believe it! SIX months we’ve been together here in Moscow.

It’s been an awesome six months, and I can’t wait for the next sixty years.

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “It’s snowing!

  1. So i have some single snowflakes like that on my tree as christmas ornaments and they are really pretty. Just a gift thought.

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