So, my sisters Erika and Heidi, my mom, Ezra and my brothers girlfriend Cynthia got to come hang out this weekend. And it was awesome. It was a less-than-24 hour trip, but I enjoyed it so much!

My nephew is a lot of fun to hang out with.

We went to the Farmers market, The Storm Cellar, and made pizza.

I got two HUGE bunches of basil! They were only $3.oo a bunch, so I got all they had, planning on making some killer pesto tomorrow.

And I had to move all of my succulents inside since it is getting really cold out at night here. But as of right now I have nowhere to put them, so they, too, are on the kitchen table.

It’s getting a bit crowded in there.

And, just because I can, here is a parting shot of my nephew eating the pizza we made for lunner (lunch/dinner).

Indoor Plants

Since the weather is rapidly getting colder, I am wondering what I am going to do with all my succulents.

They can’t really fend for themselves under 3 feet of snow this winter. So I was thinking about some kind of table near my window, so they can still get a little bit of light. I am loving the pictures below… I might need to go thrifting sometime soon to get a hold of a cool table.

Pics via Design Sponge & Lonny Magazine

A new sweater and other things

I started this new sweater on Thursday. I am excited about it, you’ll know why when I’m done.

It’s purple and cream. I love purple and cream!

Also, I got a jade plant to go into my succulent garden on the front stoop.

I haven’t potted it yet, but I’ll get around to it one of these days. But I can’t spend any more time outside right now because of this:

No, it’s not cloudy. Nope, it’s not foggy. It’s smoke and dust. It’s disgusting. And it makes it extremely hard to breath for me.

Anyway, we’re trying to keep indoors and keep the air clean inside our humble abode.

Want to see the new place?

Sorry it’s taken so long to get pictures up. I am lazy.


And the living room (only part of it, the rest was dirty)

Don’t mind the two unpacked boxes… sigh.

The bathroom with it’s awesome floral wallpaper in the shelf.

And my craft area!

And the view from our bedroom

New Couch

We were somewhat short on seating in the living room, but also short on space, but I found this awesome little couch at the Salvation Army, that fits just perfectly into the space right by the stairs.

(Don’t mind the unpacked boxes right next to it… we’re working on it)

And my crafting station is almost complete! I will be sure to post a picture of it as soon as I hang the pictures up on the wall.

Happy Almost-Easter

And here in Northern Idaho, we’re celebrating with white, wet, cold confetti.

It snowed. Again.

Luckily it didn’t stick around for too long, but it’s mighty chilly in this apartment.

I’m making a cute knit Easter bunny,(he’s named the Sugar Bunny, apparently) pictures should be up tonight. Also, a giveaway coming next week, so keep on the lookout!

Saturdays are my favorite

Fresh fruit.

Artisan bread rising for Sabbath dinner.

Some good thrifting scores. A casserole dish, perfect for dinners for two.

And I got a ButterBell at The Salvation Army.

I hadn’t ever seen one of these before, but they’re pretty cool. You pack the bell full of butter, and put some water in the bottom of the bowl and it keeps your butter fresh, and soft, because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Probably alot more sanitary than our regular butter on a small plate, sitting out.

Now we’re watching Heroes, chilling out in the apartment. It’s lovely outside, though, we may need to go for another walk!

Living in a small town.

Moscow is not a big place.

There she is, in all her patchwork glory.

Today, I got off work early, and needed to go to the Post Office to mail off the Giveaway package. It was so lovely out that I decided to open up every window in the house (except for the one in the living room, which is stuck shut and only Paul can open.) The post office is very close to our apartment, a walk that should have taken only 4-5 minutes, however, living in a small town, that walk took 15 minutes. Why, you ask? Because only nearly every block I ran into someone that I knew, and had a good chat. There is something nice about running into people you know, pretty much everywhere you go. It’s a great way to keep up fellowship with fellow church members.

After I left the post office, I didn’t want to go home to an empty house, so I decided to take a walk. Street musicians greeted me downtown, the sun shining brightly through the branches of the trees. I stopped and got some coffee, settled down to read my book in Friendship Square, (The Zoo Keeper’s Wife, very good. An incredible true story from the Holocaust.) but never got more than a a few pages through my book without someone stopping to say hello.

The Saturday Farmer’s market is the highlight of Moscow’s small downtown district, with fresh produce, art, craft vendors, lots of food, live musicians and crowds of people to watch. Moscow also provides some amazing people watching. We have a lot of… for lack of a better term, hippies. The dread-locked, hemp clothed, “Don’t Pave Paradise” bumper stickered people. Those, co-mingled with the sorority girls and frat boys, makes for an interesting combination of people, coexisting in a small town.

I wasn’t sure that I’d like living in such a small town, but now I realize that it’s this kind of small community that I thrive on, and it may be a harder adjustment moving to a bigger city when that time comes. You should all come visit me out here and see how pleasant living in a small town can be. (That means you, Hilary!)

My amazing husband.

So, I was having a rough day yesterday and my shoulder has been giving me alot of trouble lately, and it was just a bad day. So, today, when I got off work P had dinner ready and a present for me!

He got me Ponyo! I love, LOVE, love this movie. We saw it in theaters and I was singing the theme song for like a month. It’s such a good film.

But now it’s time for band practice! Being in a band is really fun. Check out our Youtube channel if you want to hear some really unfinished, quickly thrown together stuff. We’re planning a CD release soon (we’ve been doing lots of recording, and P’s been doing alot of mixing!) so hopefully we’ll get a CD release party soon. I’m pretty excited about that.

Oh, and I picked up my embroidery stuff today at Michaels- I’ll be sure to post my progress!

Tomorrow I leave for Tacoma! I am so excited!

Alright, signing off for the night!