Saturdays are my favorite

Fresh fruit.

Artisan bread rising for Sabbath dinner.

Some good thrifting scores. A casserole dish, perfect for dinners for two.

And I got a ButterBell at The Salvation Army.

I hadn’t ever seen one of these before, but they’re pretty cool. You pack the bell full of butter, and put some water in the bottom of the bowl and it keeps your butter fresh, and soft, because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Probably alot more sanitary than our regular butter on a small plate, sitting out.

Now we’re watching Heroes, chilling out in the apartment. It’s lovely outside, though, we may need to go for another walk!


4 thoughts on “Saturdays are my favorite

  1. Jordan bought one of those butter sweet thangs. I definitely need a better system for our butte. I recently spilled coriander on my open butter dish, made for interesting pancakes.


  2. Interesting! How’s it working, several days later?

    Also, I love those little, for two, casserole dishes.

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