Working on the little lamb. I’ve got his legs and body done, now he just needs a head and some arms.

Baby blanket for a friend, about 1/4 done. The fabulous and fun rippley pattern that I made Ezra’s in.

And the sweater vest! I’ve got mine nearly done. The back half is almost done blocking and then I just need to sew up the sides. I’m stoked to wear it.

Ok, I know it’s weird. The front half is gray and red striped, and the back is solid red? Weird. Yes. When I went to the store, they were out of the gray, so I just bought the red instead. And figured it would just be… unique? I don’t now. I am a little scared to try it on. I should have used a pattern!

I think I’ll start piecing it together this evening. Or, maybe I’ll just go to bed early. I did work late, and I’m kind of tired.

But, one more thing before I go! I made some Artisan Bread this weekend, and I decided to shake up the recipe a bit and added olive oil and roasted red peppers. And, let me tell you, it was amazing. We’ve been eating lots of it. So, so, so good.


4 thoughts on “WIP’s

  1. I’m excited to see the lamb.

    I have the gorgeous blanket Hilary gave me for my 22nd (?) birthday on my bed and the baby blanket(s) you make remind me of it.

    I don’t think your vest will be weird! I like it with a solid red back. I think it would be weirder if you had both front and back in stripes and the stripes didn’t line up. Anyway, are you gonna wear it with like a white collared shirt underneath? And khakis?

  2. Ali!!! you are so awesome! I’m hoping that while I’m in town with you your productivity will rub off on me–I’ve been working on a baby blanket for a friend for like a month and a half…and it should take me like 2 weeks max, haha….can you send me your Artisan Bread recipe btw? it looks amazing! πŸ™‚

  3. Well, I am more than happy to knit with other people! The only thing more fun than knitting is knitting with friends!

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