My amazing husband.

So, I was having a rough day yesterday and my shoulder has been giving me alot of trouble lately, and it was just a bad day. So, today, when I got off work P had dinner ready and a present for me!

He got me Ponyo! I love, LOVE, love this movie. We saw it in theaters and I was singing the theme song for like a month. It’s such a good film.

But now it’s time for band practice! Being in a band is really fun. Check out our Youtube channel if you want to hear some really unfinished, quickly thrown together stuff. We’re planning a CD release soon (we’ve been doing lots of recording, and P’s been doing alot of mixing!) so hopefully we’ll get a CD release party soon. I’m pretty excited about that.

Oh, and I picked up my embroidery stuff today at Michaels- I’ll be sure to post my progress!

Tomorrow I leave for Tacoma! I am so excited!

Alright, signing off for the night!


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