Is it Friday yet?


How about now?

I am so looking forward to this weekend and getting to spend some time with my most favorite people on earth! (and quite frankly, the cutest little man I’ve ever met, I’m sure you all agree! I mean, just LOOK how cute he is!

I can’t wait to squish his little face, oh, and make him wear his new sweater.

I am also pretty much dying to make a pair of these for him: Cranky Pants! Aren’t they cute?

But sadly they don’t have a pattern for sale, so unless I want to buy them ($80, how about…n.o.) I may try to figure it out, but maybe I’ll just make a cute pair of striped longies. Someday, when I have kids, I hope I still have time to knit this much!

Update on P’s sweatervest: It’s coming along nicely. Just about up to the shaping of the neck (that’s where things get tricky…) so, wish my luck and as soon as something interesting happens with it I’ll be sure to post it.


3 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. I am definitly going to try a pair of longies for the little man! I dont know if I can figure out that pattern on the bum, but stripes are easy!

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