A Good Day of Thrifting

Paul and I had an awesome weekend, we stayed at a lovely hotel in Spokane, walked Riverfront Park, (If you haven’t been there, go! It’s alot of fun.) Went out to a nice dinner, caught a movie and had a nice relaxing time. However, on a Sunday there isn’t much to do, so we came back to Moscow and decided to hit up Goodwill and our local yarn store.

The brown is for another secret project for my nephew, and the dark navy blue is a sweater vest for Paul! He picked out the yarn himself! Since I am at a standstill with my sweater vest I thought I could work on one for him in the meantime. (yeah, we’ll probably be one of those ridiculous dorky families where I knit matching sweaters for the whole family for our Christmas portaits…) So I am pretty stoked about those two projects to work on until I can get my sweater vest back on track.

However, the thing I am most excited about is this chair, found at our local Goodwill for $9.

It’s obviously just a bit scrunched in there at the moment, but as we’re moving to a bigger, better place in a few months I figure it can squish in with the globe table and the terrarium table.

It’s more green and not as gold as it looks like in the pictures. But isn’t she a beaut? I am pretty excited about this chair. And it’s super comfortable!

And I also found a place to put my hearts!


6 thoughts on “A Good Day of Thrifting

  1. Grace, it’s called the Needle Nook and it’s on Main street if you’re heading out of downtown towards Rosauer’s, but just keep heading out. It’s on the left, it’s in the same store as ‘Quilt Something’, not a huge selection, but better than Joann’s or Michael’s if you’re looking for some nicer/non-acrylic type yarn. Not terribly cheap, but not outrageous, either.

  2. LOVE that chair! I would totally use that if I ever had a photo studio πŸ™‚ Retro chairs are the best for that.

  3. That chair is awesome! Ali, you and I like alot of the same things. I am living vicariously through you :), nice place for the hearts.

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