Rainbow Hat

Sam picked out the colors and order of this one. We wanted to make a fun hat for his friend Caden’s first birthday. I thought it’d be more fun to let Sam pick and choose!

I grabbed all my worsted weight acrylic and let him pick and choose. It was pretty funny to watch him contemplate over colors, deciding which ball of yarn to pick up first.

He thought it looked better off of his head.

View from the top!

He is my friendly little ghost! This shirt was actually given to us LAST Halloween by his grandparents and it finally fits him this October! Who could have predicted that mine and Paul’s child would be so tiny? (Not us, especially given the ultrasound tech constantly telling us that we had a giant baby!)





Fall and Leaves

The weather has been stunning so far this fall, clear blue sky and multicolored leaves falling onto our yellow grass. Sam loves to run around in the leaves.


He kept using the pumpkin like a pacifier. A little bit big for that, buddy.

We’ve really been enjoying the cooler weather and be able to play outside at the park without getting sunburns or heatstroke. Also happy to note that we are all healthy again after a nasty bout with the stomach bug, which we unfortunately passed on to Charissa who got to come visit us! And nothing ruins a fun weekend like the stomach flu. Luckily it was a 24 hr bug, so besides having the flu-hangover for a few days afterwards we were back to normal within a day. Sam didn’t get it, which is great- but it’s so hard chasing after a kid who is intent on scaling the walls while you have your head in the toilet.

Yeah, we had to take this toy out of rotation because he kept climbing on it and trying to jump off!

He also likes to be my workout buddy. He loves my 1lb weights.

He’s also started fake laughing, which is HILARIOUS. He feels left out when we’re laughing and he’s not in on the joke, so he chimes in with his “Ha ha!” I love it, and it just makes us laugh even harder. He is such a ham.

As far as knitting goes: ONE MORE Sock Monkey and I am done! Whew. Then to start on my Christmas orders! I will be happy to not knit another Sock Monkey until next Halloween…. Im just hoping people order them sooner rather than waiting until mid September to ask about them! But I’m not complaining- I am so glad to have work and an opportunity to get my knits out there.

Also- for any locals- there are some of my hand knit baby hats now at Hansel and Gretel downtown!




Sam’s First Haircut…

On Sunday I finally got tired of Sam’s rat-tail that was on the top of his head. I tried to cut it of with scissors…but that didn’t work, since my little guy is so wiggly I made a few unfortunate cuts and it looked terrible. So we pulled out the clippers.

It looks a little funny, but hoping it grows back a bit more evenly. I wasn’t planning on shaving him almost completely bald, but I think it is kind of charming.  He definitely looks older without his baby wispy hairs! I saved a few of them for the baby-book.

Sam is also graduated to a “big boy bed”, since he decided it would be fun to jump out of his crib. So for now we have a mattress on the floor. The last two nights he’s done great, but I’ve heard from a few moms that night 3 was the worst, once they figure out they can get up and play if they want to. We’ll see how he does! If not we can try the pack ‘n play. I hear the walls of that are a bit harder to scale than the crib.

I’ve also been trying to do more things with my hair, instead of the “mom ponytail” everyday. I’ve seen this hairstyle cropping up a lot…not sure if my thick hair can pull off the “Heidi-braids” or not.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for hairdo’s for medium length thick hair? I get bored with my bun and ponytail.

Annnnd, since I haven’t shared much knitting stuff with you recently(other than sock monkeys)… here is a pixie hat I’ve just finished! I’ll get some pictures of Sam modeling it for me up soon.



Sam’s First Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Sam a few days before his actual birthday. Sam had such a great time being entertained by the “big kids”.My mom, dad and younger sister were able to make it out for the party, too!



Pretty minimal decorations (and those darn balloons that caused so much trouble!) But I let Sam pick out the birthday banner at the store. He picked the tie-dyed one! What a hippy child.


Opening some of his wonderful presents. He got a lot of books, which we’ve been enjoying SO much. This kid LOVES to be read to!


There were a lot of children!


He was a bit taken aback for the singing…


And the first thing he did was flip his cake upside-down!


But once he realized he could smash it between his fingers he really thought that was great.


After eating a good amount of frosting he was tapping out.

Happy Birthday, Samuel! And thank you for everyone that came out for his party and have blessed us so much this past year in various ways. Here’s to hoping the next year is just as good as his first! (and hopefully with fewer health problems!)



Month 12

Time for Samuel’s monthly pictures! Here’s a link to Month 1, and Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5, Month 6 ,Month 7 , Month 8  Month 9 Month 10 and Month 11, in case you missed them! And  here is a link to a page that I’ll be updating every month with all of the pictures together, so you can see them side by side.

With Crocheted Pillow:

In Crib:

With Bear:

Alternate Bear:

An entire year (and two weeks) have passed since Sam joined us. What a great year it’s been! I’ll write up his 12 month stats and milestones on his birthday thread, whenever I get around to writing that. But since these pictures are already several weeks old I figured I should post them sooner rather than later. And I think this will be the last post tagged with the “Baby” tag. I’m going to need to make a toddler tag instead.





No More Balloons!

The day after Sam’s birthday party he broke out in a bad rash. We thought it was from the Red Dye #40 that was in his birthday cake, but it kept coming back and getting worse.

It got progressively worse day after day, even after starting steroids and using Benedryl.


Then, on Wednesday Sam was playing with one of the balloons left over from his birthday party that had been floating around the house since Saturday. He held it up to his face, blew a raspberry on it, then looked up at me and laughed. I noticed that his face immediately started turning red and within 5 minutes it looked like this:

And the rash kept spreading, it went all the way down his body.

It didn’t seem to bother him a whole lot, but he did have some swelling in his extremities from the severity of the hives. But at least now we know what caused it. My poor little man is allergic to latex! I feel so badly that it took us 4 whole days to figure out what was causing them. He’s as good as new, now, but the more I find out about latex allergies the more scared I get. It’s in so many things! It can also cause food sensitivities to things like bananas, avacado, kiwi, etc. At least we know what we’re up against now!

I’ll be back soon to share some birthday party pictures, and some more sock monkey pictures, but I’m in a wedding this week and The Apple Brigade has a show this weekend as well, so it will be a busy, busy week!




Happy Birthday, Sam!

Happy Birthday to my favorite little man, Samuel.

It’s been such a wonderful year and we are beyond blessed to be given the opportunity to be your parents.




You are walking all over the place, sprouting teeth like there’s no tomorrow and learning lots of new words and phrases. You love it when your dad comes home from work, you love eating Cheerios and playing your baby piano, you love to play outside and hang out with ‘big kids’. I love watching your personality grow! You are turning into such a fun little boy.



This has been such a great year. We love you, Samuel David III.

Sometimes we’re not happy

Sam got his 12month shots today. He’s been really fussy and really clingy since then.

But in other news, we got weighed and is now 18 pounds! That puts us in the 4th percentile for weight, which is great! His head, however, is in the 75th percentile, so I guess my kid has a lollipop body or something. He’s also walking like a pro these days, walking all the way across rooms!

Since his weight gain has been so good we are going to try weaning off of the Zantac (for his GERD) and seeing how he does. It’s possible that the problem has already resolved itself, so we’ll try a couple of days off of the medication and see how he does. We’re hoping that he stays happy and continues to gain weight, but we’re trying to stay optimistic, as his doctor said it might take up until 18 months for the problem to be completely resolved.

And now we’re gonna go read some books, because that’s the only thing keeping us happy at the moment!


Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere…

Currently making sock monkey costumes for Halloween. That’s probably all I’ll be knitting for the next six to eight weeks, so there probably won’t be a whole lot of knitting variety on the blog this month. But maybe some fun stuff of Sam instead. He will be ONE YEAR OLD in a matter of weeks. This is astounding to me.

Here you can see Sam learning how to walk. It’s great fun and he is really entertained by trying to walk around the house all day. Keeps us busy and we have a lot of laughs.

Sam also really likes it when we sing, (Well, he really likes it when Paul sings to him, at least) and is learning how to dance.

Along the same lines, Paul and I have started up a little band project. We’re called The Apple Brigade and you can like us on Facebook so you can find out when our shows are. We tentatively have one planned for near the end of September.