Sam’s First Haircut…

On Sunday I finally got tired of Sam’s rat-tail that was on the top of his head. I tried to cut it of with scissors…but that didn’t work, since my little guy is so wiggly I made a few unfortunate cuts and it looked terrible. So we pulled out the clippers.

It looks a little funny, but hoping it grows back a bit more evenly. I wasn’t planning on shaving him almost completely bald, but I think it is kind of charming. Β He definitely looks older without his baby wispy hairs! I saved a few of them for the baby-book.

Sam is also graduated to a “big boy bed”, since he decided it would be fun to jump out of his crib. So for now we have a mattress on the floor. The last two nights he’s done great, but I’ve heard from a few moms that night 3 was the worst, once they figure out they can get up and play if they want to. We’ll see how he does! If not we can try the pack ‘n play. I hear the walls of that are a bit harder to scale than the crib.

I’ve also been trying to do more things with my hair, instead of the “mom ponytail” everyday. I’ve seen this hairstyle cropping up a lot…not sure if my thick hair can pull off the “Heidi-braids” or not.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for hairdo’s for medium length thick hair? I get bored with my bun and ponytail.

Annnnd, since I haven’t shared much knitting stuff with you recently(other than sock monkeys)… here is a pixie hat I’ve just finished! I’ll get some pictures of Sam modeling it for me up soon.



One thought on “Sam’s First Haircut…

  1. No ideas on what to do with your hair, the braids look fabulous because you have great thick hair .Its an awesome look !!!

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