Month 5

Took Sam’s Monthly photo’s yesterday! Here’s a link to Month 1, and Month 2Month 3,and Month 4 in case you missed them! And  here is a link to a page that I’ll be updating every month with all of the pictures together, so you can see them side by side!

There were so many good ones, I didn’t know which to choose! He’s gotten to be quite a ham once the camera is out, so it was a difficult task!

With his bear:

In his crib:

With crocheted pillow:

He is 5 months old, I can’t believe it! This little guy is busy, busy, busy. He always wants to be on the go. Sitting still is not his style! He is teething a lot, and so we got him an amber teething necklace- so far it’s been helping, at least he’s less drooly! We are getting better about sleeping at night… we just begin “sleep training” and weaned him from the swaddle, and we are down to about 2 or 3 awakenings at night, which is a huge HUGE improvement. Sam hasn’t been a very good sleeper, so this is a very welcome change.

We started him on some baby oatmeal, and he absolutely loves it. We all eat dinner together, him in his Bumbo and he gets his oatmeal while we are eating, because he had been getting very curious about our food, and even snatched some peas from my plate and swallowed them before I could get them out of his mouth! He loved it and wanted more, so I guess he likes peas!  He can roll around on the floor and reach for toys, he especially likes chewing on his rubber giraffe and eating his wooden toys. He basically will chew on anything, include my hands, Paul’s hoodie strings, cords, yarn, his overalls, whatever- it all goes straight into his mouth!

He is getting happier and happier the older he gets and he is truly the sweetest boy, and when he smiles he lights up a room. He loves the ladies, especially the older women who stop us when we are out walking and like to pinch his cheeks- he always grants them a big, gummy smile and will ‘cluck’ his tongue at them (his latest trick!)

He’s 13 1/2 pounds, and is about 23 or 24 inches tall (He was too squirmy at his last appointment to get an accurate measurement!) So he is still on the small side, but he’s so active it’s no wonder! We love our little Sam!


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