Month 10

Time for Samuel’s monthly pictures! Here’s a link to Month 1, and Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5, Month 6 ,Month 7 , Month 8 and Month 9 in case you missed them! And  here is a link to a page that I’ll be updating every month with all of the pictures together, so you can see them side by side.

With Crocheted pillow:

In Crib with bear:

In crib:

This has been a funny month. Sam has gotten four teeth! His bottom two middle ones, and his top two outer teeth. He looks like a little vampire! It’s pretty hilarious. We saw the endocrinologist and she confirmed that nothing was wrong with Sam, at least metabolically. However, his weight loss does seem to be due to his GERD. We are still trying to get approval from insurance to try a different medication, hopefully that will make a difference, however he has gained two pounds this month.(Up to just over 16lbs!) TWO POUNDS! That’s a huge, huge, huge improvement! He is now officially on the charts, in the 2nd percentile. He has also taken a few unassisted steps! He’s cruising around furniture constantly, he never likes to sit still and really loves to be “walking” holding onto my fingers. His personality is coming out more and more and he is hilarious! He likes to talk to us, he babbles a lot and I am so curious as to what he’s trying to tell us! He’s also doing really well with food, he loves just about everything we’ve given him (except peas and avacado!) He’s been eating more table foods and is really interested in what mom and dad are eating.

We are really looking forward to what Sam will be like with a little brother or sister, his personality is growing every day and he is such a joy to our family!



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