Rainbow Hat

Sam picked out the colors and order of this one. We wanted to make a fun hat for his friend Caden’s first birthday. I thought it’d be more fun to let Sam pick and choose!

I grabbed all my worsted weight acrylic and let him pick and choose. It was pretty funny to watch him contemplate over colors, deciding which ball of yarn to pick up first.

He thought it looked better off of his head.

View from the top!

He is my friendly little ghost! This shirt was actually given to us LAST Halloween by his grandparents and it finally fits him this October! Who could have predicted that mine and Paul’s child would be so tiny? (Not us, especially given the ultrasound tech constantly telling us that we had a giant baby!)






2 thoughts on “Rainbow Hat

  1. GREAT BABY BOY! Sam is very much like my son Andy- he was so active that the pediatrician told me he would be a jock forever and boy,was that the truth! You have a beautiful boy! Any chance for the pattern you call the Rainbow hat? Thanks for your e-mail.

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