Sometimes we’re not happy

Sam got his 12month shots today. He’s been really fussy and really clingy since then.

But in other news, we got weighed and is now 18 pounds! That puts us in the 4th percentile for weight, which is great! His head, however, is in the 75th percentile, so I guess my kid has a lollipop body or something. He’s also walking like a pro these days, walking all the way across rooms!

Since his weight gain has been so good we are going to try weaning off of the Zantac (for his GERD) and seeing how he does. It’s possible that the problem has already resolved itself, so we’ll try a couple of days off of the medication and see how he does. We’re hoping that he stays happy and continues to gain weight, but we’re trying to stay optimistic, as his doctor said it might take up until 18 months for the problem to be completely resolved.

And now we’re gonna go read some books, because that’s the only thing keeping us happy at the moment!



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