Dinner Yum




Since we have embarked upon our weight loss journey(Paul is biking and I am doing Jillian Michael’s workouts- whew)  I’ve been making more of an effort to cook healthy meals, ones that include a lot of veggies. It’s so much more fun to cook with lots of colors, don’t you think? I also want Sam to get accustomed to eating lots of different foods and not be as picky of an eater as I am!

A few snap shots of our kitchen over the last little while:


I love having a farmers market that has such good fresh fruits and vegetables. And my mother in law, Gloria’s neighbor who also shared her gardens bounty with us (squash, zucchini, cucumbers, corn on the cob, cabbage, green beans, etc! SO GOOD!)

5 thoughts on “Dinner Yum

  1. I just had some fresh tomatoes from my garden tonight for dinner. Don’t the just taste so much better than store bought?! I love the colors.

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