Etc, etc.

This weekend we hit up the Farmers Market (quickly) but we got some fresh blueberries and mini-donuts for breakfast (shh, don’t tell) and then we headed down to the Lentil Fest!

Lentil Fest 061

So Lentil Fest wasn’t all that exciting, but c’mon, there was a parade and everything. It was kind of fun, and I got to hang out with Paul all day so that was fun, too. Then we went and saw Julie and Julia, which we loved.

Meryl Streep was, of course, amazing. She really is quite a character.

In her honor, I fried up some onions in lots of butter tonight. A warning though, don’t go see the movie if you are hungry, lots of yummy food shots! Makes me want to learn how to cook French food!

The weather has calmed down to mid-80s lately, which is loads more pleasant than the extreme heat of earlier this August. I am missing my Tacoma people more than ever. Especially this little dude:

Ezra 086

But! We will be home in less than a month. Also, we will get to hit up the fair! Always the highlight of my year.

I am loving that I can walk to work, be within walking distance of pretty much anything that I need (except the grocery store, but who wants to carry all those groceries back anyhow?)

I’ve been looking up some stuff online for ways to keep our apartment a little more organized (We have a lot of stuff!) Anyway, I’ve come across some pretty fun stuff, and even though it wouldn’t really work in this apartment, I still think it’s kind of cool:

But my shoes would never stay so organized.

Well, that’s all I got for now!

In the kitchen

I always knew we would be great friends, Kitchen Aid. I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you.
Kitchen stuff 001

It’s been cookie time up in this apartment. Both husband and I have a fondness for frozen chocolate chip cookies, and Mrs. Jack’s recipe is just about the best thing… ever. (It’s in the church cookbook… sooo good)

Kitchen stuff 004We were having some people over for dinner last night, and Paul wanted to make pizza. So, I pulled out my fancy-dancy Artisan Bread book and whipped up some dough.

Kitchen stuff 008
I was a little nervous, because if this dough didn’t work out, we didn’t really have a backup plan. (Frozen burrito’s or Mac ‘N Cheese?) But I was really impressed how easy it turned out to be.

Kitchen stuff 006

My master pizza maker! (Oh isn’t he cute?)

Kitchen stuff 011
The nearly finished product. Lots of meat on the every one elses. Lots of cheese and veggies on mine (yummm) *

Kitchen stuff 012
Tada! The MOST delicious pizza I’ve ever had. No joke, this pizza definitly was better than any storebought/delivered pizza ever. So pull out those Artisan Bread books (Or go over to Kjerste’s and use hers, I hear she has A.C., too!) and make some yuuummy pizza. Delicious!

Kitchen stuff 013

*This made our kitchen approx. 10,000 degrees.

A Shoutout

I would like to give a huge shout out to Bed, Bath & Beyond. They seriously went way above and beyond (heh) the call of duty for an engaged/newly married couple. So, we walk into the Bed, Bath & Beyond (hereafter mentioned as BB&B), and the lovely lady seats us, asks us if we need any refreshments, and proceeds to give us a quick tour of the store, and sends us out with our scanning guns. We return about an hour later and then she gets us all set to go, tada.

So my mom and I went to register again at the one in Tacoma, since they have alot more stuff than the one in Moscow does, again we had a very pleasant experience. (While Target on the other hand was all kinds of ridiculous, having to “reset” my password everytime I wanted to do anything, huge hassles trying to return anything without being able to access my account, because my password wouldn’t work, AGAIN.) Anyhow, I digress.

So, out of the amazing generosity of everyone that came to the wedding we got TONS of BB&B gift cards! (Awesome) but we had gotten almost everything that we wanted off our registry, except our sheets and bedding. So, yesterday Paul and I took a quick trip to the BB&B, looked at our bedding and they didn’t have it in Queen size. Bummer. So we grabbed a King (since we don’t have a bed skirt it looks better that way anyhow, so you can’t see the ugly bottom of the mattress and bed frame) and we grabbed some sheets, a cool ottoman and a pillow. Now, BB&B had called me the day before to wish me congratulations and to tell me that I should be getting a coupon in the mail to get an extra 20% off anything that was on our registry that we hadn’t recieved for the wedding!

So we get up to the register, and actually the only thing that was on our registry that we were picking up was the ottoman, but I asked the guy at the register if we could have the extra 20% off the bedding, since we had registered for the Queen size, but since they were out (also to mention that this was now on clearance, so there were only a few left) and he said “Oh, no problem, we will just take 20% off the whole order.” So we saved like $50 on the stuff that wasn’t even on our registry to begin with! Not to mention that they have emailed me coupons like 3 times a week since we registered there!

We are just completely blown away with all of the generosity of everyone! I am kind of overwhelmed at the amount of thank you notes that I have to write, but hey, if that’s the worst of my problems, then that’s pretty great!

Today marks two weeks of married life! 4th day of my new job, (which I completely love) and the weather is really nice, and maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures of the house. We’re mostly put away right now, but with both of us working the dishes and laundry haven’t been done in a few days, so as soon as I catch up on that I will definitly post some pictures. Also of the outside of the house because it’s a completely awesome old house, with lots and lots of character.  So, this post is extremely uncharacteristic of me, posting about random things that aren’t arts and crafts! But oh well, I thought you guys all needed a well-deserved update! I will try to post more about other things, not just crafts and pictures, because I don’t get to see you guys every Sunday anymore!!! Sad.

Ok, well, have a happy weekend everyone! Paul and I are getting up early to go garage saling to look for more artwork for our white walls! I hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend too! (Have fun moving, Krika! I wish I were there to help. Eh, not really, I hate moving!  Heh. Or at least entertain you while other people moved boxes!)

Crayon Box Survey

RED = Anger 1. Are you currently mad at someone? Nope!
2. Which of your family members has the worst temper? Why would I put something like that on the ol’ www?
3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone? Not that I can remember. I’m kind of passive when I’m angry.
4. Does your face turn red when you’re angry? My face turns red, well, let’s see… always?
5. When you’re mad, do you prefer to stare angrily or yell? I just get quiet and feel like I’m about to cry, then I shut up and leave before I cry.

ORANGE = Excitement
1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you? Yes, but my dearest best friend told me that they were, right before we went, because they know I HATE suprises.
2. Do you get easily excited? Yeah.
3. What’s something that you’re most excited about? Going to Europe in March, but even more so, getting married in June!
4. If you won a million dollars, what would be your first thought? Buy a house and pay for Paul to finish school!
5. If you could have anything right now, what would it be? Well, I’d like to be in Moscow…?

YELLOW = Self Discovery
1. Name: Ali
2. Birthday: May 6th
3. What’s your main goal in life? Love the Lord my God with all my heart and soul and mind and be a good wife.
4. Do you want to have children? Absolutely. Lots.
5. When do you want to die? Before I get too old, but not until I live a good ‘n full life.

GREEN = Opinions
1. Are you against gay marriage? Yeah
2. Lower the drinking age? I think it’s a little silly, but I guess they have to make the age at some point… but 21 seems weird.

BLUE = Love
1. Do you love someone? Yes!
2. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, but it’s slightly more complicated than that.

PURPLE = Q & A 1.How many beds did you lay in today? Just my own.
2.What color shirt are you wearing? Green and white
3.Name one thing that you do every day. Drink coffee (yikes)
4.How much cash do you have on you right now? Hehe, about 50 cents!
5.Look to your left. What’s there? My printer and a stack of papers that I should be entering into the computer and my notebook of prebilling information.
6.What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed? Well, I borrowed a veil from my friend Mary, does that count? It’s my ‘something borrowed’.
7.What website(s) do you visit most during the day? Gmail, various insurance/preauthorization websites, medical coding websites, not very exciting.
8.Do you have plants in your room? Nope, no sunlight, no sunlight.
9.Does anything hurt on your body right now? My head because of my migraines, and my back, well, because it usually hurts.
10.What city was your last taxicab ride in? I’ve never, ever ridden in a cab.
11.Do you own a picture phone? Nope, I’m old school like that.
12.Recent time you were really upset? Last night when I was throwing up because of my migraine. Like Erika said on hers, I was sitting on the bathroom floor crying. So sad.

PINK = Last
1.Person you saw: A patient’s wife. Not terribly exciting.
2. Movie watched in cinema: Oh, heh… uh… don’t judge me, Bride Wars.
3. Song you just listened to? Fleet Foxes, White Winter Hymnal (oh yes. So good.)
4. Person you talked on the phone with: Paul

GREY = Today
1. What are you doing right now? I’m workin’.. or something
2. What are you doing tonight? Hot date with Autumn to go to a concert downtown, David Bazan! So excited.
3. What are you going to eat? Well I haven’t eaten anything yet, maybe I’ll eat some of my cheese that I have here at work. Or a granola bar.

BROWN = Tomorrow
1. Is: Saturday and Seattle day! EMP and Buffalo Exchange and University District!
2. Goal: Have fun and avoid another migraine
3. Are you going to laugh? Most likely, because I’ll be hanging out with Charissa and Autumn. I usually laugh with them, and we’ll probably pull out some ABBA songs and some hot dance moves.

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…

Since Erika tagged me, I suppose I have to do it. This is a completely non-craft related post. Very rare, I know. But the birthday blanket is almost ready to be unveiled. (Now you guys are going to think that this birthday blanket is going to be something very special, but it’s really just one giant granny square. Judge me not.)


1) Ten years ago I was…
Homeschooled, 11, chubby, living in Portland. I liked China Dolls (How embarrassing). Brynn and I would make up dances and dance them in the living room, but Erika was too embarrassed to dance with us, even though we know she secretly wanted to.

2) Things on my to do list today:

– Work until 5:15

– Go to another bridal shower

– Buy milk (I’ve been out forever)

3)Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:

Buy me a house with runnin’ water. Just kidding. But I would buy a sweet house on American lake, big enough to have our Kvale family reunions, Christmas and Thanksgiving and all eat in the same dining room. I would put some money into stocks, I would buy myself a little shop to sell my crafts in and then finally I would pay off all of my cousins’ college bills. (You know I love you guys)


4) Bad Habits:

-Ignoring my laundry until I have no clean clothes left.

-Ignoring my closet until it’s a huge mass of clothes

-Ignoring my dishes until they start to clean themselves.


5) Places I have lived:

Tacoma, Wa
Lakewood, Wa

Portland, Or

LaCenter, Wa

Moscow, Id


6) Jobs I have had:

– Erika and I worked at Jazzercize, we watched kids in the creepy basement while the mom’s worked out.

-I worked at a batting cages, doing everything and anything from making food, being a barista, to unjamming pitching machines, running the register, making phone calls, etc.

– I taught preschool. (Yikes, I know)

-I worked for our neighbor lady organizing stuff for her roofing business.

-I did new construction cleanup while I was at school in Moscow.

-I work now for a surgeon’s office, I was in medical records, but now am at the front desk.


7) Things people don’t know about me (quirky things about me):

There aren’t a lot of things that are quirky about me that people don’t know, but I will give it a whirl.

-I have two 16 inch metal rods in my back, that’s kind of weird, I guess.

-I have broken 4 of my toes. I am the most accident prone person most people have ever met.

-I have braces and I am almost 22.

-Some people call me “Grali” it is a combination of the words grandma and Ali. They call me that because basically I am an old lady who goes to bed at 9 pm and enjoys old lady hobbies, such as crocheting and knitting. (Is anyone interested in doing a crochet club? I’d love to do it if there are enough people interested. Let me know.)


8)Things that make my life super-fabulous right now:

– My Callie comes home in a month! (Right in time for my birthday)

– I am excited about new prospects for school next year.

– Erika and Adam move home very, very soon.

– Lots and lots of weddings this summer!


Well, I am not going to tag anyone in particular, so if you feel like you want to fill it out, go for it!