Etc, etc.

This weekend we hit up the Farmers Market (quickly) but we got some fresh blueberries and mini-donuts for breakfast (shh, don’t tell) and then we headed down to the Lentil Fest!

Lentil Fest 061

So Lentil Fest wasn’t all that exciting, but c’mon, there was a parade and everything. It was kind of fun, and I got to hang out with Paul all day so that was fun, too. Then we went and saw Julie and Julia, which we loved.

Meryl Streep was, of course, amazing. She really is quite a character.

In her honor, I fried up some onions in lots of butter tonight. A warning though, don’t go see the movie if you are hungry, lots of yummy food shots! Makes me want to learn how to cook French food!

The weather has calmed down to mid-80s lately, which is loads more pleasant than the extreme heat of earlier this August. I am missing my Tacoma people more than ever. Especially this little dude:

Ezra 086

But! We will be home in less than a month. Also, we will get to hit up the fair! Always the highlight of my year.

I am loving that I can walk to work, be within walking distance of pretty much anything that I need (except the grocery store, but who wants to carry all those groceries back anyhow?)

I’ve been looking up some stuff online for ways to keep our apartment a little more organized (We have a lot of stuff!) Anyway, I’ve come across some pretty fun stuff, and even though it wouldn’t really work in this apartment, I still think it’s kind of cool:

But my shoes would never stay so organized.

Well, that’s all I got for now!


One thought on “Etc, etc.

  1. I miss you too! I wanted to call so badly the other night. I was feeling so Ali-lonely. But it never worked out. We sooooo need to hang out when you get home even if you only have time for an hour long coffee break, just tell me the time of day and I’ll be there. Miss you my first friend, now cousin! So glad for the update!

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