A Shoutout

I would like to give a huge shout out to Bed, Bath & Beyond. They seriously went way above and beyond (heh) the call of duty for an engaged/newly married couple. So, we walk into the Bed, Bath & Beyond (hereafter mentioned as BB&B), and the lovely lady seats us, asks us if we need any refreshments, and proceeds to give us a quick tour of the store, and sends us out with our scanning guns. We return about an hour later and then she gets us all set to go, tada.

So my mom and I went to register again at the one in Tacoma, since they have alot more stuff than the one in Moscow does, again we had a very pleasant experience. (While Target on the other hand was all kinds of ridiculous, having to “reset” my password everytime I wanted to do anything, huge hassles trying to return anything without being able to access my account, because my password wouldn’t work, AGAIN.) Anyhow, I digress.

So, out of the amazing generosity of everyone that came to the wedding we got TONS of BB&B gift cards! (Awesome) but we had gotten almost everything that we wanted off our registry, except our sheets and bedding. So, yesterday Paul and I took a quick trip to the BB&B, looked at our bedding and they didn’t have it in Queen size. Bummer. So we grabbed a King (since we don’t have a bed skirt it looks better that way anyhow, so you can’t see the ugly bottom of the mattress and bed frame) and we grabbed some sheets, a cool ottoman and a pillow. Now, BB&B had called me the day before to wish me congratulations and to tell me that I should be getting a coupon in the mail to get an extra 20% off anything that was on our registry that we hadn’t recieved for the wedding!

So we get up to the register, and actually the only thing that was on our registry that we were picking up was the ottoman, but I asked the guy at the register if we could have the extra 20% off the bedding, since we had registered for the Queen size, but since they were out (also to mention that this was now on clearance, so there were only a few left) and he said “Oh, no problem, we will just take 20% off the whole order.” So we saved like $50 on the stuff that wasn’t even on our registry to begin with! Not to mention that they have emailed me coupons like 3 times a week since we registered there!

We are just completely blown away with all of the generosity of everyone! I am kind of overwhelmed at the amount of thank you notes that I have to write, but hey, if that’s the worst of my problems, then that’s pretty great!

Today marks two weeks of married life! 4th day of my new job, (which I completely love) and the weather is really nice, and maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures of the house. We’re mostly put away right now, but with both of us working the dishes and laundry haven’t been done in a few days, so as soon as I catch up on that I will definitly post some pictures. Also of the outside of the house because it’s a completely awesome old house, with lots and lots of character.Β  So, this post is extremely uncharacteristic of me, posting about random things that aren’t arts and crafts! But oh well, I thought you guys all needed a well-deserved update! I will try to post more about other things, not just crafts and pictures, because I don’t get to see you guys every Sunday anymore!!! Sad.

Ok, well, have a happy weekend everyone! Paul and I are getting up early to go garage saling to look for more artwork for our white walls! I hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend too! (Have fun moving, Krika! I wish I were there to help. Eh, not really, I hate moving!Β  Heh. Or at least entertain you while other people moved boxes!)


4 thoughts on “A Shoutout

  1. We really liked BB&B because their exchange policy was so good. You could actually return gifts and get cash for them – even if you didn’t have the receipt, or if they weren’t on your registry. Plus, all the fun gadgets in the check out lines are pretty tempting.
    How fun for you to get your nest all set up!

  2. Miss you so much Al. Wish you could pop in tonight for a bit. When is your next trip out? We’ll plan a big old party. Hmmm… maybe it’s time to drag out the ‘burgers’ tent again?!

  3. It’s okay that you don’t want to help. You kinda just went through it yourself and I know how annoying it can be!
    Hopefully this week we’ll be moving in, we’ll see. This saga never seems to end.
    Glad that you love your job and that you’re settling in nicely. Can’t wait for pictures.

  4. It is so fun to hear about how you are doing. I am glad that all is going well and that you love you new job. Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

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