apartment 037
Our house! We are the second story.

apartment 008
The kitchen, which is tidier and more organized now.

apartment 039
Living room shelves. Oh yes.

apartment 012
The instrument windowseat.

apartment 016
Part of the bedroom

apartment 018
Teensy cute bathroom with a retarded shower
apartment 036
My little window garden!

So that is the apartment. I took the pictures last week, so things have been a little bit more organized and put together. But we’re totally in love with this apartment, it’s even better than I remembered it being! And now with all of our stuff in it, it’s even better!


3 thoughts on “Apartment

  1. Thanks for putting up pictures. Mom said your car was being dumb so you aren’t coming. Bummer dude. Well at least we’ll see you in a few weeks for family reunion. Love the living room shelves!

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