My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…

Since Erika tagged me, I suppose I have to do it. This is a completely non-craft related post. Very rare, I know. But the birthday blanket is almost ready to be unveiled. (Now you guys are going to think that this birthday blanket is going to be something very special, but it’s really just one giant granny square. Judge me not.)


1) Ten years ago I was…
Homeschooled, 11, chubby, living in Portland. I liked China Dolls (How embarrassing). Brynn and I would make up dances and dance them in the living room, but Erika was too embarrassed to dance with us, even though we know she secretly wanted to.

2) Things on my to do list today:

– Work until 5:15

– Go to another bridal shower

– Buy milk (I’ve been out forever)

3)Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:

Buy me a house with runnin’ water. Just kidding. But I would buy a sweet house on American lake, big enough to have our Kvale family reunions, Christmas and Thanksgiving and all eat in the same dining room. I would put some money into stocks, I would buy myself a little shop to sell my crafts in and then finally I would pay off all of my cousins’ college bills. (You know I love you guys)


4) Bad Habits:

-Ignoring my laundry until I have no clean clothes left.

-Ignoring my closet until it’s a huge mass of clothes

-Ignoring my dishes until they start to clean themselves.


5) Places I have lived:

Tacoma, Wa
Lakewood, Wa

Portland, Or

LaCenter, Wa

Moscow, Id


6) Jobs I have had:

– Erika and I worked at Jazzercize, we watched kids in the creepy basement while the mom’s worked out.

-I worked at a batting cages, doing everything and anything from making food, being a barista, to unjamming pitching machines, running the register, making phone calls, etc.

– I taught preschool. (Yikes, I know)

-I worked for our neighbor lady organizing stuff for her roofing business.

-I did new construction cleanup while I was at school in Moscow.

-I work now for a surgeon’s office, I was in medical records, but now am at the front desk.


7) Things people don’t know about me (quirky things about me):

There aren’t a lot of things that are quirky about me that people don’t know, but I will give it a whirl.

-I have two 16 inch metal rods in my back, that’s kind of weird, I guess.

-I have broken 4 of my toes. I am the most accident prone person most people have ever met.

-I have braces and I am almost 22.

-Some people call me “Grali” it is a combination of the words grandma and Ali. They call me that because basically I am an old lady who goes to bed at 9 pm and enjoys old lady hobbies, such as crocheting and knitting. (Is anyone interested in doing a crochet club? I’d love to do it if there are enough people interested. Let me know.)


8)Things that make my life super-fabulous right now:

– My Callie comes home in a month! (Right in time for my birthday)

– I am excited about new prospects for school next year.

– Erika and Adam move home very, very soon.

– Lots and lots of weddings this summer!


Well, I am not going to tag anyone in particular, so if you feel like you want to fill it out, go for it!


5 thoughts on “My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…

  1. I forgot about the china dolls thing…oh man, what weirdo’s we were. Where are those things anyways? Did we just get rid of them?? I mean, not like they were worth anything.

  2. Yeah, the China Doll stage… they’re still up in the attic (right next door to our Snow White and Lion King collections.) Maybe some day they will be worth something!

  3. Hi, Ali… I just came across your blog. You are so talented!!! I noticed your comment about starting a crochet club… If you ever actually started one, I’d love to join. I’m not that good… I taught myself the basics in order to do beaded baby socks and burp cloths, but I know I don’t hold the hook right and it would be great to actually spend time with someone who knew what they were doing ;o). I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at my blog, but I do a lot of craftsy stuff, too, and I’m starting my own business on May 1st! Take care ;o).

  4. hey ali, i wanna be in your knitting club! pick me! pick me! yeeeaaahhhh, pretty sure i can crochet with the best of ’em. and my mom says hi

  5. hey ali, i wanna be in your knitting club, pick me! pick me! yeeaaahhh, pretty sure i can crochet with the best of ’em. and my mom says hi….

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