I know it’s gunna be a close call

So this is Ben’s Birthday Blanket. It’s only two months late. Oops.

It’s really, really big, but he’s tall so it’s all good. I will get pictures of Charissa’s and Autumn’s birthday blankets soon.

6 thoughts on “I know it’s gunna be a close call

  1. Oh, Ali, it’s amazing!

    I’m glad you photographed it on the futon, ‘cuz it gives me perspective. It is huge!

    You know, there’s going to be such demand for these blankets, maybe you shouldn’t tell people you’ve made us three blankets. They’re already jealous.

  2. Hey I’ll have to add you to my list of blogs. Nice job on the blanket! I’m kind of scared to try something that big. Did you have a pattern for it?

  3. Grace, No pattern, just one giant granny square. It’s fairly easy, just took me like, two months.
    Dana, an umbrella?!

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