In the kitchen

I always knew we would be great friends, Kitchen Aid. I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you.
Kitchen stuff 001

It’s been cookie time up in this apartment. Both husband and I have a fondness for frozen chocolate chip cookies, and Mrs. Jack’s recipe is just about the best thing… ever. (It’s in the church cookbook… sooo good)

Kitchen stuff 004We were having some people over for dinner last night, and Paul wanted to make pizza. So, I pulled out my fancy-dancy Artisan Bread book and whipped up some dough.

Kitchen stuff 008
I was a little nervous, because if this dough didn’t work out, we didn’t really have a backup plan. (Frozen burrito’s or Mac ‘N Cheese?) But I was really impressed how easy it turned out to be.

Kitchen stuff 006

My master pizza maker! (Oh isn’t he cute?)

Kitchen stuff 011
The nearly finished product. Lots of meat on the every one elses. Lots of cheese and veggies on mine (yummm) *

Kitchen stuff 012
Tada! The MOST delicious pizza I’ve ever had. No joke, this pizza definitly was better than any storebought/delivered pizza ever. So pull out those Artisan Bread books (Or go over to Kjerste’s and use hers, I hear she has A.C., too!) and make some yuuummy pizza. Delicious!

Kitchen stuff 013

*This made our kitchen approx. 10,000 degrees.

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