Jackie’s Mitts

I did some test knitting for Cascade Yarns, trying out some new yarn with a really awesome pattern called Jackie’s Mitts for some fingerless gloves. I love them! The cable work is really detailed and pretty.

mitts1Thinking I might use this cabled pattern to make some knitted leg warmers for my little girl (Only 6 more weeks til my due date! Yikes!)


Zou Zebra

A custom commissioned order for a Zou Zebra, complete with his bright yellow overalls and his bird friend!


Zebras are pretty fun to make! I do like making stripes, it somehow makes it seem like it’s going faster while you’re knitting!


Instant Gratification Monkey and the Panic Monster


I got a fun request for an instant gratification monkey and a panic monster (Complete with accessories of a cape, a steering wheel and a banana!) from an old friend who read this article and wanted her own little friends.



DSC_0189It is kind of an interested article on procrastination and why Procrastinators procrastinate, and how to help fix it, if that’s something you struggle with!


Birthday Monsters

Sam and I got to go to a double-two-year-old birthday party this past weekend for some of our friends Davy and Penny. I’ve been itching to make some monsters for a while, and this sounded like the perfect opportunity to knit something really fun and silly!





Sam was definitely not pleased to give up the “monners”, so he’ll be getting his own monster very soon- since he keeps asking me about them, and whether or not we can go and get them back from his friends. Sorry kiddo!


Two Knitting Tutorials for Bingo Players out there.

Knit your way to bingo fever – Two knitting tutorials for the bingo players out there- Knitting has never been a young people’s hobby, at least historically. The times they are a–changin’, though. Just like knitting, bingo has also experienced a surge in popularity among the younger set lately. Maybe it’s a hipster thing, but bingo nights seem to be fast becoming the in thing among twenty- and thirty-somethings.

Consider this: just two decades ago, the average age of a bingo played was in the mid-60s. Compare that to two years ago, when Bingo Reviewer pegged the median at 47, with people between the ages of 18 and 25 making up a whopping 20% of the three million or so bingo players in the UK.

Perhaps it has more to do with online bingo. In the US and the UK, online bingo has become something of a million-dollar industry. It’s very evident in the budgets bingo companies pour into advertising and social media. Cashcade, for instance, has poured a lot of time and effort into CheekyBingo on Twitter, making it an even faster and more convenient source of promos and news than the main site itself.

Since these two hobbies are so successfully getting rid of their classic stereotypes, let’s see how we can mash them up together. Here are a couple of tutorials we’ve come across that bring bingo and knitting together.

Bingo Jacket – A bingo jacket is the unofficial uniform of bingo-playing grandmas the world over. Of course, you don’t need to be a card-carrying senior citizen to rock one. You can make one yourself thanks to a downloadable tutorial from Love of Knitting.

Screenshot 2014-01-27 at 1.30.48 PM

Bingo Bag – This is where you put all your bingo equipment so you don’t run the risk of getting dauber ink all over the insides of your fancy bag. Best of all, you can also turn it into a craft or toy bag depending on the situation. Crochet Geek has a great tutorial that includes videos for the more visual knitters out there.


*This is a sponsored guest post by Ashley Adams, she wrote the article for Knittybutton!*

Go Vikings!

I have a friend who lives in the frigid tundra of Minnesota, and wanted a Vikings hat. I made sure to make it nice and thick and warm since, well, it’s very cold there! (Makes Idaho look like the tropics.)


DSC_0020I was home alone when taking these pictures, and couldn’t quite get the ‘selfie’ shot down, so you don’t get to see it on an actual person, but instead get to see my handy vase modeling it for you. Also because I was probably still in pajamas and with my hair not done, but ya know, whatever,I’m 7 months pregnant, I do what I want! Ahem, anyhow- Go Vikings!

And I also wanted to add a thank you to my readers who are putting up with my sponsored posts and the video ads at the bottom of the posts- they help me keep the patterns free while keeping the blog profitable. So thanks for that, I appreciate my readers and commenters immensely!


Heidi’s Christmas Hats


My younger sister Heidi chopped off her hair this winter, and since I drew her name for Christmas I thought I’d help her insulate her head a little bit, since it was bound to be chilly without much hair left! I couldn’t decide on one type of hat, so I made her a few different kinds. This is  my Lemon Grass Hat pattern, made with some grey Thick n Quick (Lion Brand), which is a good ultra-quick, super-toasty kind of hat. Knits up fast on large needles with bulky yarn- so if you need a last minute gift, this hat is a great quick knit to whip up in an evening or two.


OK- so I know this weird snood/hood thing is really weird. I tried to replicate something I saw she had pinned on Pinterest, but there was no pattern for it, so I just decided to wing it. Um, yeah. So, I know it’s ridiculous looking, but kudos to Heidi for being a willing participant to model my silly creations, whether or not they actually work out. I ended up giving it to her even though I know she won’t wear it, just because I thought it was kind of hilarious looking and  just funny- so, here ya go. This is made of some unknown yarn that was in my stash, but said 100% wool.

Here is my Lemon Curd Slouch pattern, made with KnitPicks City Tweed, DK weight, color is Blue Blood. I’ve gushed about how much I love the City Tweed before, it’s seriously the perfect yarn for just about everything. The merino/alpaca blend is so deliciously soft and wonderful. Mmm. Yes.  And you get a bonus little photo bomb from my nephew Ezra in the background!



Puerperium Cardigan


I have a few small items ready for this little girl, just finished finding the perfect buttons and weaving in ends. This is the Puerperium cardigan that I am absolutely in love with.



I made it with Knit Picks City Tweed, which is deliciously soft (It’s a merino/alpaca blend!). The colors are kitten (white) and orca (gray) in their DK weight- and a plus, it took just barely over one skein of the gray, and just a very tiny bit of the white for this cardigan, which made it pretty affordable, since I took MAJOR advantage of their huge sale a few weeks back when the yarn was on sale for $2.99!

I can’t wait to wrap up my baby girl in this adorable cardigan. I have extra yarn, so if it’s still very cold when she is born I can always add longer sleeves, but I figure as an April baby she’ll the weather will be warming up within a month or two, (hopefully, although this is Idaho, and sometimes it snows in June.) so a sleeveless cardigan would be the way to go.
Raveled here.

I’m getting so anxious to meet her. We’re just a little past 28 weeks, and feeling pretty good. This has been my least “barfy” month of pregnancy ever, so that’s super exciting! And, as you can see below, I am rounding out quite nicely. No real weight gain yet (but I did gain back what I lost in the first trimester, so that’s good!) I’m measuring a few weeks ahead, but that’s not unusual for second babies.


DSC_0103Got to go to the chiropractor this morning and get an adjustment, which has made a HUGE difference in my hips. Due to my spinal fusion my hips definitely take the brunt of pregnancy more than my back, but it’s all just sort of messed up back there- but I had a great adjustment today and am feeling better than I’ve ever felt during any of my pregnancies. It’s nothing short of a miracle!

So here we are in the home stretch, trying to gather and prepare everything for birth and hoping for a less-stressful event this time around. We’re attempting a home birth, we have a wonderful midwife and doula lined up and I am very excited to be attempting a water birth. Now we just have to figure out which tub to get and buy some supplies and birth kits and finish nesting and get this house ready for a new baby!




I made a pair of mittens for my mother in law for Christmas, they have a flap so that you can lift it and use them as finger-less mittens if you need to.




You can still see the lovely wet spot on the pillow from where I was blocking them! These are made from Wool-Ease, which is a nice blend of wool and acrylic, which won’t felt if they get wet and dried, but still have the nice texture of wool.

And I’m finally nearing the end of my Christmas catch-up knitting posts… still a few more to go though, so bear with me here!

And in mommy-news, wish me luck, we’re trying our hand at potty training today! (Yikes!)

Joe Vandal Beanie

Paul had a great idea for a hat for his sister Katie for Christmas, but we’d already established (By my trying to do charts for the Mario stockings) that I was terrible at it, so he took it upon himself to create a new chart for me with “grumpy” Joe Vandal (Older logo, the new one has a smile, and isn’t quite as cool, in our opinion)


DSC_7159Hopefully Paul can re-write up the chart so I can offer it as a free download for anyone who wants to use it, but I marked up my copy a lot trying to keep track of where I was with the rows, so it’s a bit messy right now!

And hooray! We hit the third trimester! We’re getting very excited to meet our little baby, and trying to get Sam used to the idea of a little sibling that will be here in just a few short months.



Also, I feel the need to show you this: A Monte Cristo sandwich Paul made us on New Years Day. It’s become a tradition for have Monte Cristo sandwiches on New Years for us, but this year we couldn’t find the right kind of bread anywhere in town! Paul decided to make a braided challah loaf himself, and then also made the sandwiches, and I must say they were amaaaazing. I know it looks a little weird (Jam on a sandwich with meat and cheese, dipped in egg and then fried up like french toast?) but seriously, it’s so delicious, especially on homemade bread!
DSC_0004And for tonight’s dinner we are cooking up a Chinese food feast with pork fried rice, Mongolian beef, egg rolls, cream cheese and chive wontons, and fried donuts (Yes, I realize that most of this is very Americanized, but delicious, none-the-less!)