Joe Vandal Beanie

Paul had a great idea for a hat for his sister Katie for Christmas, but we’d already established (By my trying to do charts for the Mario stockings) that I was terrible at it, so he took it upon himself to create a new chart for me with “grumpy” Joe Vandal (Older logo, the new one has a smile, and isn’t quite as cool, in our opinion)


DSC_7159Hopefully Paul can re-write up the chart so I can offer it as a free download for anyone who wants to use it, but I marked up my copy a lot trying to keep track of where I was with the rows, so it’s a bit messy right now!

And hooray! We hit the third trimester! We’re getting very excited to meet our little baby, and trying to get Sam used to the idea of a little sibling that willΒ be here in just a few short months.



Also, I feel the need to show you this: A Monte Cristo sandwich Paul made us on New Years Day. It’s become a tradition for have Monte Cristo sandwiches on New Years for us, but this year we couldn’t find the right kind of bread anywhere in town! Paul decided to make a braided challah loaf himself, and then also made the sandwiches, and I must say they were amaaaazing. I know it looks a little weird (Jam on a sandwich with meat and cheese, dipped in egg and then fried up like french toast?) but seriously, it’s so delicious, especially on homemade bread!
DSC_0004And for tonight’s dinner we are cooking up a Chinese food feast with pork fried rice, Mongolian beef, egg rolls, cream cheese and chive wontons, and fried donuts (Yes, I realize that most of this is very Americanized, but delicious, none-the-less!)




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