I made a pair of mittens for my mother in law for Christmas, they have a flap so that you can lift it and use them as finger-less mittens if you need to.




You can still see the lovely wet spot on the pillow from where I was blocking them! These are made from Wool-Ease, which is a nice blend of wool and acrylic, which won’t felt if they get wet and dried, but still have the nice texture of wool.

And I’m finally nearing the end of my Christmas catch-up knitting posts… still a few more to go though, so bear with me here!

And in mommy-news, wish me luck, we’re trying our hand at potty training today! (Yikes!)


2 thoughts on “Mittens

  1. Love those mittens & I really like Wool Ease for hats & mittens, too. Do you have a pattern for the mittens? Do you have a link? Pattern for sale?

  2. Hi Deb, I dont have a pattern, sorry! I just kind of ‘wing’ed it. There are a lot of patterns for mittens on Ravelry, though- hope you can find something there? If i have time in the next few weeks I’ll try to write up my instructions.

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