My Swift

Want to see the swift in action? I had some inquiries as to how it actually worked… so here it is!

Yarn comes like so:

Or possibly like this:

Gently untwist it into a large circle:

Attach your swift to a stable surface (I used a heavy book shelf, so it wouldn’t budge)

Expand your swift, but not all the way:

Lift your yarn and put it around the swift, making sure not to get it hooked on the edges. No tangles!

Find your end:

Start making a ball:

Keep rolling, and voila! You’ve got yourself a ball of yarn!

And that’s my swift!

Louella’s Blanket.

I finished Louella’s ripple baby blanket, and I am so excited to give it to her! I know it’s sort ofΒ  boy colors, but I started it before she was born, and plus, her mom digs brown and blue, so you know, it works.

The ripple blanket is so fun and easy. I love it.

Baby Alpaca

So I need some help, guys. I bought this baby alpaca yarn on a whim, because of it’s gorgeous color and it’s oh-so-heavenly-softness, but I don’t know what to make out of it.

It’s worsted weight, about 102 yards, so not much.. the only thing I was thinking that I could make that small was either a Martha Neck Scarf, or maybe a hat? But I won’t be needing either of those too much longer, as spring is making its way to the Northwest…

Or maybe I should just stash it away for a fall treat?

But, let’s face it, the at least 75% of the reason I bought this was because it had a cute little baby alpaca (also known as a cria, for those in the know) on the tag.

Ok, so get your brains working and let me know what I should be making!

Help needed!

So, I’ve had this granny-square blanket in the works for about a year and a half.

I keep taking it out and working on it, then stuffing it back into my bag and leave it in the closet for a month or two (or six… it’s been in the closet since I got married).Β  I just can’t figure out if I want to keep working on it. And if so, how should I assemble it? A border? Differing colors? Keep it all blue? A scalloped border? Maybe some white between the blue granny squares?

Or should I just scrap the whole thing? Thoughts? Suggestions? It would all be appriciated.

Paul and I are skipping town for the weekend. Nice hotel, a little shopping (and a dear husband who is willing to tag along to as many yarn stores as I can get to, Moscow has a serious shortage of nice yarn) and an indoor swimming pool! I’m very excited.

Happy Valentine’s everyone, have a great weekend.

Lots of things handmade.

Shalom update:
Done with bodice, 1/2 way through one sleeve. The sleeves are the hardest part to keep going on…you feel like you should be done already! But it’s still fun to work on.

Those crochet flower holders I was thinkin’ about making.. I tried a prototype. Turned out alright, but not quite how I wanted it.

I’ll definitly be making more, though. Hopefully for a wedding coming up this July (yipee!)

Also, been crafting a little for the besties. Although it’s a suprise and they’re not allowed to know what it is yet. But it’s knit and it’s got buttons, which automatically makes it awesome. Wanna see a sneak peak?

I love buttons.

And I decided since I had yarn all over the living room, I’d make it a bit tidier and I ended up really liking the look it made:

Sometimes I feel bad for Paul with all the knitting needles and crochet hooks I accidentally leave on the couch, just waiting for someone to sit on, and yarn trailed around the living room…

Ok. Off to do some other Saturday fun stuff.


Another giveaway here on Knittybutton. Something I whipped up just today, in fact!

A powdery blue little scarflette with vintage buttons.

So, you know the drill. Leave a comment and you’re entered! Make a blog entry about it and you’re entered! (just make sure to enter another comment so that I know you’ve done so).

The winner will be drawn Wednesday at 5:oopm. Tell your friends!

Christmas Cheer

It’s very Christmasy over at the Tong residence these days.

I realized that I never really took many pictures of the rest of the decorations, shame on me, for our first Christmas together, too! I’m a terrible wife. At least terrible about documenting anyway, at least it got decorated!

Our teensy tree. It’s super tiny, but we loaded it down with ornaments. We actually spent this evening with P’s parents looking through old boxes or ornaments and trying to figure out which ones were his. We came home with a pretty cute assortment of random old ornaments (Including a glass Energizer Bunny?)

Some Christmassy lighting

I also made another set of snowflakes for an ornament exchange at work

*** Don’t forget, there are still 2 more days to enter into the giveaway if you haven’t still!***

It’s snowing!

Well, not outside, but it is in my house! Remember those snowflakes I was making last week? Well, I made a few more and decided to do something with them. You can look up crocheted snowflake patterns online, but I thought it might be more fun to just make one up. They were a little too… soft? looking, in my opinion.

Eh, who likes soggy snowflakes?

So I went to the store and picked up some Heavy Duty Laundry Starch and pinned them just so, and really laid it on thick.

Seriously, I doused these suckers with starch. And they are the better for it. Trust me.

A view from the living room into the kitchen

From the kitchen into the living room (don’t mind the pine needles on the carpet, or the pillows/blankets stacked high in the chair… it’s COLD here, we need those blankets it we stop moving!)

I don’t really have any decorations in any other rooms but the living room, so it kind of makes it feel like more of the house is decorated this way.

And by the way, the Shalom Sweater is coming along very nicely.

The hard part is done, now it’s just knitting straight rows and purling straight rows. I am glad that the triple yoke is done.

Tomorrow is our six month anniversary and I can’t even believe it! SIX months we’ve been together here in Moscow.

It’s been an awesome six months, and I can’t wait for the next sixty years.

Merry Christmas!

The First Tong Christmas

I wasn’t about to let some stupid shoulder injury keep me from decorating for Christmas, so today Paul and I went all out and got the house decorated (and kind of torn apart in the process. We’re purging some of our bigger items and made room for a Christmas tree (although it’s a tiny one)

Even the wheel got some Christmas Lovin’

Our very first Christmas tree!

A few of my favorite ornaments

I also made a few crochet snowflakes, and I’m planning on making a garland to hang between the kitchen and the living room.

I think I am going to block them and starch them so that they hang a bit nicer and not as bunchy. But we’ll see if I get around to it. I only have 3 done so far, but they are pretty quick and easy.

Merry Christmas!