Baby Alpaca

So I need some help, guys. I bought this baby alpaca yarn on a whim, because of it’s gorgeous color and it’s oh-so-heavenly-softness, but I don’t know what to make out of it.

It’s worsted weight, about 102 yards, so not much.. the only thing I was thinking that I could make that small was either a Martha Neck Scarf, or maybe a hat? But I won’t be needing either of those too much longer, as spring is making its way to the Northwest…

Or maybe I should just stash it away for a fall treat?

But, let’s face it, the at least 75% of the reason I bought this was because it had a cute little baby alpaca (also known as a cria, for those in the know) on the tag.

Ok, so get your brains working and let me know what I should be making!


6 thoughts on “Baby Alpaca

  1. mmm that is yummy. What about making a lacey kind of beret (maybe crocheted?) that you could still wear through the spring? hmmm that’s all the brainstorming I’ve got for ya this evening.

  2. I like the idea of a lacey beret. Charissa’s is so cute (and she wears it all the time). But the gorgeous blue over your blonde? Yummy.

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