A Little DIY for you.

A teeny-tiny DIY, you don’t need to know how to knit, crochet, sew or anything. Just how to cut a (mostly) straight line, thread a needle and make a braid.

Braided Headbands!

So, first you start with some fabric, I used some leftovers from the cloth we have above our bed.If you use a patterned one (like I did) it’s a bit more fun, but if you used contrasting colors it would be fun too)

Cut it into 9 strips, about one inch wide and about 12 inches long. Measurements are approximate, and the thicker you want your headband, the wider you should cut the fabric.

Take 3 strips, braid together, repeat with other 6 strips so you have 3 braids, like so:

Take the 3 braids, sew the ends of them together, and this next bit is up to you, you can sew ribbons on, like I did:

You could also use elastic, or something like that. I took the lazy road and instead of hauling my sewing machine out, rethreading it, etc etc… I just hand stitched it instead. And TADA! You have a headband. Cute, no?

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9 thoughts on “A Little DIY for you.

  1. Thats adorable, and KayLynn is very into accesories (she loves headbands) so maybe she and I can make one!! Thanks for the tutorial.

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