A Good Saturday For Second Hand

I got some good finds today at The storm Cellar and Salvation army.

I love the tulle on the bottom. It’s just adorable.

And also a cute summer shirt.

And a cute plaid skirt.

Also found another cool glass thing for my terrariums.

And a cute little pitcher!

And all these embroidery hoops! They were labeled individually and when I got to the counter she told me that it’d be a dollar for the whole lot of them. (Should have been more like $11.00) Hmm, alright, I’ll take it!

So, all in all it was a pretty darn good day to hit the consignment and thrift stores around Moscow!


3 thoughts on “A Good Saturday For Second Hand

  1. Love the pitcher. I can’t quite tell – is the dress a mustard yellow or a pastel yellow? Either way, I do love the tulle peaking out.

    Yay for consignment and thrift shops!

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