Knitty Button, now complete with labels!

This morning as I perused the shelves of Michael’s I was still really unsure about how I wanted my tags to look, for the stuff that’s now in the Storm Cellar, and I initally was thinking about printing something off, maybe in a cool font, but the more I looked at the stamps I thought it might be a cool idea. So I bought some stamps and here’s what I came up with!


5 thoughts on “Knitty Button, now complete with labels!

  1. Adorable! I’m gonna have to visit this Storm Cellar. So glad you have a Michael’s….it could be a long winter without it! I hope Paul is not jealous of the other man in your life.

  2. That is exactly what I was picturing. Actually a little different, but super cute. I was thinking of a button stamp in the background and then knitty button on top of it. You know the layered look. But I think it’s so cute that you’re selling it with an actual button attached. Cute!
    See you tonight!!

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