The weekend!

So glad that the weekend is finally here! It has been a long week. Last night Paul fell and sprained his ankle. Luckily it’s not too bad, and we got a brace for it, so he’s able to hobble around, although he did get a day off of work (I was jealous).

I finished a few more bags, I know, I’ve just been cranking them out. But they are so fun!

I am in the process of making another Martha Neck Scarf, which is always a fun, quick project, this time in a classic white. My orange one really only goes with my orange peacoat so I wanted something that might match a few more things, and as it’s going to be a long, cold winter this side of the mountains I thought a nice white neck scarf was in order!

And this evening Paul and I have been trying to decide on a logo of sorts to use for the things that I am trying to sell at The Storm Cellar, if anyone has any great ideas, they’d be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “The weekend!

  1. Well, you could always go with something like knitty button. Do a big button and then have your name “knitty Button” over it. You could even use a potato stamp for the button, it’d be pretty simple.
    You could also do something like Ali Bug, and have a cute little bug with your name over it. I personally like the button idea best. Of my two anyways.

  2. Can we come up with a different name for the “Martha Next Scarf” besides “Martha Neck Scarf”?

    I like Erika’s suggestion about “knitty button” over a button (especially a cool potato stamp). But “LexiKaye” is really cute too. I can’t think of a graphic for it… “Tong” just looks cool, especially if you played with the letters a bit – some awesome font. Your husband could draw you some sort of cartoon character or something for a graphic…?

  3. We definitly decided to keep the Knittybutton. I really like the sound of it and I think it works better than my name. We were having some fun with fonts and stuff, but I kind of like the idea of a stamp, so we might go to the craft store tomorrow and see what we can come up with as far as tags. There are also those fun sew-in tags that you can put your name on. you know, all old school, like “Made with love by Grandma” or whatever, but I have seen them personalized.

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