WIP Wednesday III

Work in progress: Greenย  Blanket. It’s been a WIP for a while now. It’s just a nice soothing project, because it’s just knit every row. No purling, no cables, just increasing and decreasing. Super simple and calm.

But I really like how the edges turn out when you increase on the 2nd stitch.

And now: More bags! Yep, these are my favorite of the ones I’ve made. The Storm Cellar has agreed to put them in their shop for me! So hopefully I can sell some of them!

They’re pretty easy and super quick. I’m having alot of fun making them!

What projects are you working on?


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday III

  1. Thinking about my Christmas cards I am going to make, I opened the ink last night and the green is a perfect shade!! Your blanket looks great!! Sorry I am going to miss you at Thanksgiving, the fam and I are headed to Cally tomorrow.

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