two posts in two days? don’t get used to it.

So I made another bag last night, and it’s my favorite so far. I altered the pattern to make it less floppy on the top, and a bit deeper, and it looks/works much better. And it’s pink! Cuter.

nov 005

And my next one is going to be made out of this yummy looking speckled cream colored one. I’m pretty excited about this one!

nov 006

Also tried my hand at blocking last night. I finished Paul’s scarf, but knits have that way of curling about them. It didn’t look very good.
nov 001*Pardon the nasty indoor/outdoor carpet. Eh, such is life living in a rental.

nov 002So I dunked it in the sink, then gently squeezed and pressed the water out. (Whatever you do DO NOT wring it out. Bad news for handknits) Then we pinned it to the floor into the shape and we’re letting it dry overnight and then all of today. This evening I’ll take it off and see if it stays blocked. If not, well then, honey, you’re getting a curly scarf.

nov 003


One thought on “two posts in two days? don’t get used to it.

  1. Either way the scarf looks great – ans seriously what do I have to do to get a scarf, or cute hat, or blanket – have a son? Since thats not happening anytime soon, I will just have to keep begging.

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