WIP Wednesday II

Time for another WIP Wendesday!

So, I received some loverly cotton yarn, I believe most of this stash is from Aubree, and I had lots of it, but cotton isn’t the best for hats and scarves, it’s just not very soft. So I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then I came across this PurlBee pattern, and knew instantly that was what I wanted to make with my cotton! They used linen, but the cotton works just fine, too.

wip wednesday 001

I have finished two bags so far, they’re really easy and each one only took me an evening.

wip wednesday 002

Tada, reusable grocery bags, which I am thinking about selling at The Storm Cellar.

wip wednesday 007

They’re deceptivly small! They don’t look like they would hold very much, but they really stretch!

brown hair 001

Full of whatever was in my cupboard, just to see how much it could hold. The blue one is a bit big. If you fill it as much as it can hold you wouldn’t be able to carry it, because it would be too heavy. I need to alter the pattern a bit to get it just right, but luckily I have lots and lots of yarn to work with!

wip wednesday 006

Oh, and I’m a brunette now. I keep freaking myself out when I walk past a mirror.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday II

  1. Kay(e). Green Eyes. Brown Hair. Whats not to love.

    I love those bags, Shari has two, and I keep trying to steal them!

  2. Cool. I have a couple re-usable bags, but I always forget to use them. I feel pretty bad about it. Though, Adam uses the plastic bags again for his lunches…so they aren’t just getting thrown out. I bet those would be fun to take to the farmer’s market and fill up with produce and pretty things.

  3. Aubree, my mom said that was in a box from you? Hm. Well if it wasn’t from you then I dont know who it was from! I do know another Aubree and I am not positive it’s spelled the same way, but I am pretty sure.

  4. Hah. It’s entirely possible that I have forgotten and gave you a box with yarn in it. However it is not ringing any bells. Cool bags though.=}

  5. Cute bags. Great shower gifts for someone getting married.
    Erika – put them on the front seat of the car – that is how I remember to take them in.

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