Big Purple Squish

I had a custom order for a purple cabled blanket. I used KnitPicks Brava Bulky yarn and I LOVE how it turned out. It’s so wonderfully squishy and soft. And super affordable, too. Blankets can get expensive when you need six skeins of something!

OctoberKnit 013 OctoberKnit 012 OctoberKnit 011 OctoberKnit 010I loosely based this off of my own cabled blanket pattern, but made it seed stitch around the edges and decided to make a few less cables since I wasn’t using worsted for this one, I didn’t want it to end up too huge!


Hand Knit Sock Monkey Costume

I’m so incredibly excited to finally have some amazing pictures of my sock monkey costumes! The wonderful Naomi over at Anselm Photography shot these for me earlier this fall and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out! I was so glad that Effie was a willing participant and was fairly cheerful throughout the whole process. Knittybutton9

Knittybutton10 Knittybutton11


I’m over the moon for these pictures and very glad to have some professional looking ones for advertising purposes, as well as sentimental value and I was so glad that one of my orders this year was close to the size Effie was wearing at the time. (Although now she’s pushing 12m clothing… eek. What happened to my baby?! She’s such a big girl!

Sorry for all the radio silence over the last month- it’s been so busy with holiday knitting and I was blessed to be a part of my cousins wedding last weekend and we just arrived back home last night! Hoping to get back in the routine of posting, and I realize I haven’t been posting Effie’s monthly pictures and updates…. I’ve been taking them, but actually uploading and editing seems to take too much time these days and Effie is really on-the-go right now so computer time seems quite a bit more limited. But such is life, huh? I’ll get around to updating one of these days!!

(Sock Monkey costumes are available in my Etsy shop)

Fair Isle Baby Cap

I got a request for a tiny hat, made with Pittsburgh Penguins colors. I’d been working on Sock Monkeys for weeks, and wanted something a bit more challenging, and decided to do some Fair Isle (Thank you, for creative freedom on this project!) I loved how it turned out and am definitely going to be doing more to add to my Etsy shop, changing up and giving options on the colors, of course.


What color combos would you like to see? 
Photos by Anselm Photography .


We love babywearing around here. But my wraps aren’t just good for strappin’ a baby to your back. They also make hilariously fun hammocks to rock in when you’re having a rough and grumpy morning.






But the best snuggles happen in the wrap! Effie is a busy little guppy and consequently, very difficult to hold because she is a non-stop motion kinda kid. But when you wrap her, ah, bliss- she calms down, and just lays against you. It’s wonderful! It’s the only way she’ll really snuggle with me at all. Convenience and comfort, all in one. She does like to pull hair though, so you gotta watch out for that. (Ouch!)

(Wrap pictured above is a Girasol Light Rainbow Diamond Weave, size six)

*Please do not use these hammocks without direct parental supervision!*

Ballet Leg Warmers

I got a custom order for these tiny (3T) leg warmers for a little ballerina. I loved how they turned out- so much fun!

DSC_0008 (1) DSC_0007 (1) DSC_0006 (1) DSC_0005 (1) DSC_0004 (1) DSC_0003 (1)
he ones with the hearts might just be my favorite- the hearts sit right at the knee-cap and are just completely adorable on tiny little legs paired with some ballet slippers!

Definitely going to try to crank out some boot cuffs (In similar styles, but maybe not just pink and white!) for the Etsy shop this fall!

Daniel’s Sweater and Cap set

I made this sweater and cap set for Effie’s new buddy Daniel! They’re made with KnitPicks City Tweed, which is pretty much my favorite yarn of all time. I love the softness of it, perfect for sensitive little newborn skin. 


I also found these buttons at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and they are just the perfect buttons for these colors. I am totally in love with them. I think Persephone needs a set, maybe with some pinks and greys? 

Giveaway Winner!

Giveaway winner has been drawn (Using and the winner is……..

Ashleigh S!

Congrats, Ashleigh!

Thanks for playing everyone, we’ll have another giveaway soon!

Exciting news!

Knittybutton was featured in the Canon Press Christmas Catalog! It’s on the bottom right hand corner of page 11!

footballgame 011

They featured the Vandal Baby Helmet, and have a link through there to order a few other styles of hats, so if you are in the market for some Canon Press books, you can order a Knittybutton hat to go with it for your favorite baby!

Sam’s Room Tour

I made Sam a blanket that would be a bit lighter for summer weather.

DSC_0777Also he’s got his “Gunky” (Monkey) and his “Boober” (Blue Bear… we’re working on a new name!)


His ‘big boy’ bed.


DSC_0783Sam loves his bed. He calls it his “nigh nigh”and asks to brush his teeth and go to bed around 7:00. It’s pretty cute!