Hand Knit Sock Monkey Costume

I’m so incredibly excited to finally have some amazing pictures of my sock monkey costumes! The wonderful Naomi over at Anselm Photography shot these for me earlier this fall and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out! I was so glad that Effie was a willing participant and was fairly cheerful throughout the whole process.Β Knittybutton9

Knittybutton10 Knittybutton11


I’m over the moon for these pictures and very glad to have some professional looking ones for advertising purposes, as well as sentimental value and I was so glad that one of my orders this year was close to the size Effie was wearing at the time. (Although now she’s pushing 12m clothing… eek. What happened to my baby?! She’s such a big girl!

Sorry for all the radio silence over the last month- it’s been so busy with holiday knitting and I was blessed to be a part of my cousins wedding last weekend and we just arrived back home last night! Hoping to get back in the routine of posting, and I realize I haven’t been posting Effie’s monthly pictures and updates…. I’ve been taking them, but actually uploading and editing seems to take too much time these days and Effie is really on-the-go right now so computer time seems quite a bit more limited. But such is life, huh? I’ll get around to updating one of these days!!

(Sock Monkey costumes are available in my Etsy shop)


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