We’re alive.

Poor neglected blog. I’ve been neglecting my knitting as well- just not enough hours in the day! But here is a quick Sam update.


Sam is well- he is up to 22 pounds, which puts him back on the charts for weight and also is 31 inches tall, putting him in the 4th% for both! We are sooo pleased that he is finally growing. He is thriving and doing really well, a total language explosion the last few months (Since we took away his binkie!) He is doing a bit better with his sleeping, but still has some trouble sleeping all the way through the night. He also thinks that 5:30am is a good time to wake up,which is right when I am leaving for work, which leaves Paul dealing with a fussy toddler who didn’t get enough sleep. He’s still been getting some phantom fevers that last several days and have no other symptoms other than lethargy and being a bit crabby. But he was oh-so-snuggly when he was sick, which I kind of love. But I always feel bad that he is sick- and his fevers get so high. (They’ve been getting to the 105/106 degree range!) And blood tests show nothing wrong- no bacterial infections, nothing that they can see. We are still trying to figure out if he has some sort of autoimmune disorder, but the panels that they’ve run have all come back negative. But we’re not so concerned about it now because he is finally gaining weight!


His favorite thing to do is point out cars that are driving by- and talk about puppies and kitties. He jabbers on a lot and we mostly have no idea what he is saying other than a periodic “Oh yeah!” or “Whoa” in his speeches. He is pretty stubborn, but also very eager to please. He is so good and cleaning up his toys and if he spills his milk or anything he will run into the kitchen, grab a rag out of the drawer, come back and wipe it up, then throw the rag into the washing machine (Well, he tries. He never really makes it back into the washing machine!). He also loves to help mama sort laundry (aka jump on the bed while I’m folding). He likes to take sips of my coffee and then tell me its yucky. He loves spicy foods and goldfish crackers. He really, really likes cheese. He also is a big fan of climbing now- Paul got out of the shower the other day and found him on top of the dining room table throwing salt around and making it snow. Oops. Soo now our house isn’t as toddler-proofed as we thought it was!

We are super excited for the 3 day weekend coming up and looking forward to enjoying some R&R and hanging out with Sam and chilling out. Hope you have all been well, and I’ll try not to abandon the blog so much anymore.

*Top picture by Carlie, Sam’s babysitterย extraordinaire.

Blue Stripey

A hat I made for a baby shower. Sam was not thrilled about modeling it for me.


Grumpy buns was in need of a nap.


Well, we’ve got a BUSY weekend ahead of us, two birthday parties AND a show! We’ll be playing at Bucer’s around 9pm on Saturday evening. Come on down to hear us!

Pizza and Books

A few weeks ago I decided to make some mozzarella cheese. It was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t the most stringy mozzarella, it turned out a bit more crumbly, so we decided to use it on a pizza!


We used ginormous heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil from the farmers market and my homemade tomato sauce, homemade crust and some sausage. It was hands-down the best pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life.ย 


After dinner Sam ran off into his room. When I peeked in to see what he was up to, he was chillin’ in his basket of books.


He’s really into books these days. He’ll grab a book and run it over to you and sit on your lap and wants you to read it, but he never sits longer than the first page, then he’s off to find a different book or toy.


In knitting news, I made a monkey hat. 2T size. For some reason I feel like this one ended up a little bit bear-like. But I can’t quite figure out why, because I made it the same as the other ones, only larger. Oh well. Image


Sam Plays Football

Paul took Sam out into the yard the other day and played a little bit of football. Sam loved it. It was adorable! He loves to throw around the football.

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I love this kid.



We’re all moved in! We’re working on unpacking- but I’ll be sure to get back on here soon with some pictures and some more craft related stuff!

Happy Mothers Day!

To celebrate my first Mothers Day Paul got me this lovely plant!

And a hilariously cheesy card. Thank you Paul (and Sam!) And to all of my mothers, Brenda, Gloria and Diane! Happy Mothers Day!

Star Wars Day – May The Fourth! And other ramblings….

Seeing as how today is Star Wars Day (May The Fourth Be With You!) I thought it fitting to post yet ANOTHER Wicket the Ewok.

I remember when I was in highschool dressing up as princess Leia for Spirit Week, with my long hair wrapped into two cinnamon roll size buns over my ears. Oh, I wish I had a picture to show you all, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one, it looked awesome. My mom made me a white robe to wear, you know, so I would look really authentic. And since it’s my birthday weekend (Aww yeah!) I think we’ll need to rent some Star Wars and eat some Cantina food! Mostly kidding about the Cantina food. But not kidding about renting Star Wars.

But we do have a busy weekend ahead of us! The first FARMER’S MARKET (I am so so so excited about this, guys) Renaissance Fair, Easter Fest with the church and the inlaws are babysitting Sam on Sunday afternoon so Paul and I can go out to dinner (and possibly mini-golf, if the weather cooperates!!) and actually have time to sit down and enjoy our meal!

Ah, 25. You were a good year. 25 brought me a perfect little baby! How could I not love 25? There’s no way any of the years before 25 can compete with this one. It wins, hands down! How many times did I just type 25? Whoa. I’m hoping 26 will be just as awesome as 25 (except maybe the having a baby part.) But at the end of the month we are moving into our new place (not an apartment, hooray!) and there are no stairs for Sam to climb (whew, teeny bit relieved) and a huge yard for me to garden and Sam to eat bugs. Or dirt. Or grass. Or…whatever. Anyway, it should be a pretty good year, what with Paul not being a student anymore (Graduates next weekend! Yes!) We are in for several big life changes, and they are very welcome changes. 26, you’ve got big shoes to fill. Bring it.

Cheers, and here’s to 26. (clink)