Blue Stripey

A hat I made for a baby shower. Sam was not thrilled about modeling it for me.


Grumpy buns was in need of a nap.


Well, we’ve got a BUSY weekend ahead of us, two birthday parties AND a show! We’ll be playing at Bucer’s around 9pm on Saturday evening. Come on down to hear us!


2 thoughts on “Blue Stripey

  1. What is that giraffe in the background part of? My daughter is obsessed with giraffes… So every time I see one, I have to find out what it is and where to find it! πŸ™‚

  2. heracaine- It’s Sophie the giraffe. You can find them on Amazon and at Babies R Us I believe. It’s a teething toy! Unfortunately Sam is allergic to latex so he can’t touch his anymore! 😦

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